Seiko Kinetic Vs Automatic – Extensive Comparison

Our review today compares two kinds of watches made by the brand, Seiko – Seiko kinetic vs automatic.

Seiko Kinetic Vs Automatic — Comparison Of Major Specs And Features


Seiko Kinetic

Seiko Automatic

Transmits Energy By Capacitor Spring
Power Reserve 41 to 50 hours Weeks to years
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Common Features

1. Stainless Steel Cases

The cases and case backs of both the Seiko Kinetic and Automatic watch come in stainless steel cases to protect the inner components of the watch.

2. Shatter-Proof Hardlex/Sapphire Crystal

These watches either come with hardlex crystal or sapphire crystal. Hardlex smudges easily but is scratch-resistant. Sapphire smudges less easily and is more pricey.

3. Diver’s Variety

There are diver’s watches both in the Seiko kinetic and the automatic technology. These watches are typical diver’s watches with all the features that are expected of such watches, including ISO compliance.

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To find out more about the ISO 6425 standards, read our comparison review of the Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 here.

Features Unique To Each Watch

Features Unique To The Seiko Kinetic

The Kinetic Watch Movement

Generally, in watches that charge by motion, the large rotor produces energy which is transferred to a spring. However, in the case of kinetic watches, the rotor produces energy which is stored in a capacitor.

So, because they have an energy storehouse which the automatic movement lacks, they tend to last longer. Kinetic watches have been known to store power for up to months while automatic watches only have a few days’ storage time at the most.

Models include the Kinetic Direct Drive and the Kinetic Perpetual.

Features Unique To The Seiko Automatic

The Automatic Watch Movement

Like on the kinetic watches and unlike the quartz movement, automatic watches also come with large rotors. These rotors spin as your hand moves, which leads to the winding of the watch. Now, unlike in the kinetic, the charge produced by the rotor is transferred to the spring that supplies the power which, in turn, drives your watch.

Models include the SKX, Turtle, Sumo, etc.


Unique Pros

Pros Unique To The Seiko Kinetic

  • Stores power for a lot longer thanks to the presence of a capacitor.

Pros Unique To The Seiko Automatic

  • Practically keeps working forever and hardly ever needs anything changed unlike the kinetic.

Unique Cons

Cons Unique To The Seiko Kinetic

  • Having to replace capacitors might be an inconvenience.

Cons Unique To The Seiko Automatic

  • Does not store as much power as the kinetic. You’ll need a watch winder.

Common Pros

Seiko Kinetic

Seiko Automatic

Many different kinds of Seiko Kinetic watches in its lineup including diver’s watches, Kinetic Direct Drive, Kinetic Perpetual, etc. Same goes for the Seiko automatic watch.
Crystal is quite good too whether hardlex or sapphire Also applies.
Diver’s watches are totally compliant with ISO 6425 standards Also ISO 6425 compliant.
They both charge by arm swinging. Same with the Seiko automatic watch.
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Common Cons

Seiko Kinetic

Seiko Automatic

Once your watch isn’t moving, it begins to lose power which then affects time accuracy.  

Consider getting a watch winder.
Also applies

General Feeling Among Customers

Seiko Kinetic

Seiko Automatic

Well, from what customers are saying about Seiko kinetic watches, these are the watches to beat. They tell the time excellently and perfectly.

One customer said it was always spot on with their phone.  

Another commendation for this watch is that it keeps working for years. So, this is, definitely, an investment worth making.  

But then again, a few customers found replacing the capacitor and resealing the watch not the best economic move they could make as it could cost about the same as getting a new Seiko kinetic watch.  

Were there a few complaints? Well, here and there. But the complaints seemed aimed more at the individual models than at the kinetic movement itself.  

So, altogether, we’d say the Seiko kinetic got a wide enough acceptance among watch users.
Just like the Seiko kinetic watch, the automatic is loved by all. The fact that your swinging arm charges the watch is something customers seem to love.  

Well, except for those who are always at their desks.  

Seiko automatic watches are known to be quite accurate. However, maybe not as great as the kinetic because it does tend to lose more time over time as customers have observed.  

Besides that, most day/date complications on the automatic watches are great. However, customers have observed that it takes too long change over to a new date.  

This was another gripe for customers.  

Generally though, this is a great movement, regardless and customers found more things to love than to hate in their Seiko automatic watches.    
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Our Verdict

We love both technologies and what they bring to the table. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, and we would be hard-pressed to absolutely pick one over the other. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and we believe that our comprehensive comparison of these watches will help you make the best one for you.

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