Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner – Honest Review

Welcome back to another interesting review. The Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner. Already, this looks like a ridiculous and unfair comparison, right? The fact that you’re here, though, tells us that this is a real debate and people actually want to know – “the Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner, which should I get?”

From the topic alone, it’s easy to jump into the conclusion that the obvious winner is the Rolex Submariner. But going by what we know from research, the truth about these two watches is far from black and white.

So, which should you get? Should you go for the SKX007 that sells at a really affordable price? Or should you rather go with the Rolex Submariner, for all the prestige that goes with it, that costs about 50 times the price of the SKX007?

The truth of the matter is that, even with the wide disparity between the cost of these watches, both these watches are still very much iconic pieces and collector’s items. In fact, many watch enthusiasts would end up having both watches in their collection.

If you can’t afford the time for the long version of this review, then head on to our overview section to get the gist. However, this is a really interesting review and as there’s only so much we can say in the overview, we recommend that you read to the end.

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Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner – Comparison Overview

In the end, choosing between these two watches might be more subjective than objective. It’s simply unfair to compare the specs and features of a watch such as the Seiko SKX007 with those of the Rolex Submariner. Of course, the Rolex Submariner would beat the Seiko SKX007.

Nonetheless, we can’t call it a total annihilation. The Seiko SKX007 might not do better than the Rolex Submariner in most aspects but that does not make it a bad watch. In fact, at this price point, the Seiko SKX007, and indeed the Seiko SKX line, is the best you can find.

Let’s do a short comparison of the major features of these diver’s watches.

First, let’s check out how they both keep time. They both have an automatic movement. However, that of the Rolex Submariner is much better. The movement in the SKX007 is Seiko’s outdated 7s26 which lacks hand-winding and hacking and could be a little frustrating. But then it does come with the day/date complication.

On the other hand, we have the Rolex Submariner which may or may not come with a date complication depending on which version you get. But non comes with day/date complication. Altogether, though, the movement on the Submariner is more sophisticated and loses less time than the SKX007.

Secondly, as diver’s watches, both perform great. However, the Submariner is water-resistant at a far deeper diving depth. It goes down as far as 300 meters while the SkX007 stops at 200 meters only. Of course, both are great in keeping with the ISO 6425 standards. But as you can see, the Submariner is better.

For the bezel movement, that of the Submariner is smoother and made of ceramic where the SKX007 is slightly choppier and made of metal.

Finally, another major factor that might sway your decision is the bracelet. That of the SKX007 is lighter and more comfortable. But it is also quite flimsy and low-quality. On the other hand, that of the Submariner looks more refined and has a better quality to it.

Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner – Our Opinion On The Price/Value Ratio

Well, to be honest, it seems quite obvious to us that the crazy amount of money many people spend on the Rolex Submariner is more as a result of perceived value than on actual value.

Indubitably, the Rolex Submariner is a better watch with better performance, function, and finishing. However, we do not think it is that much better than the Seiko SKX007 to warrant the level of the price difference that exists. We are looking at about 50 times the price of SKX007 for the Submariner.

But yeah, we get it, you’re not just paying for the watch, you’re paying for the prestige that comes with wearing a “Rollie.” If you want in on that, then we guess, to you, the price/value ratio of this watch is just right.

And, of course, we can’t fail to mention that having a Rolex is equal to carrying currency. It does great in the second-hand market. But to be fair so does the Seiko as well. But then again, you can’t possibly use the Seiko SKX007 as collateral like you can with the Rolex Submariner.

On the other hand, if you just want a watch that works, then you might be wiser to stick with the Seiko SKX007. You’d have thousands of dollars to spare after the purchase to try out other watches.

Of course, the Seiko SKX007 watch has many tradeoffs here and there, but they can be overlooked. And if it bothers you so much, you can always change out the bracelet to give it a better look.

And it’s not like Seiko does not have a cult status like the Rolex. In fact, anyone can get a Rolex as long as you’ve got the cash to spare. However, you need to be a real watch enthusiast or collector to own a Seiko because Seiko is a classic piece.

After all, wasn’t it Seiko that made the first-ever quartz movement?

Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner – Comparative Brand Strengths

What is the Origin of the Seiko Brand?

Seiko was founded in 1881 as a watch and jewelry shop. From there, this watch shop grew to become more than a shop to being an actual manufacturer of watches. And by 1924, the brand had manufactured its first watches.

As Seiko grew, experimented, and began to take on more risks, the brand achieved more feats.

In 1969, Seiko released the Seiko Astron which is the world’s first-ever production quartz watch. And soon after that, it also released the first-ever quartz chronograph, which was soon followed by the automatic quartz that combined the accuracy of the quartz with the functions of the automatic movement.

Right now, the brand has several lines under its belt including lower-end SKX line, the higher-end Credor, Presage, Prospex, the Seiko 5, and the Grand Seiko.

Seiko has a huge following around the world. In fact, it has served as the official timekeeper for many a sporting event including the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and World Championships in Athletics.

What Is the History of The Rolex Brand?

Founded in 1902 in London, the Rolex brand was being sold under different jewelers’ trade name. It was not until 1908 that the brand name ‘Rolex’ was registered as a trademark and opened their first Switzerland office. Over the years, the brand has grown to become a household name. It is indeed one of the first names that come to mind when we talk about watches.

Rolex is a luxury watch brand and is known to manufacture some of the world’s most expensive watches. In fact, as of June of 2019, of the topmost expensive watches ever auctioned, three are Rolex watches.

Plus, the current world title for the most expensive watch goes to the Rolex Daytona which sold for about 18 million dollars as at October 2017.

Now, a quick fun fact, a Rolex wristwatch has been used to help solve a murder case before. We won’t go into the story, but you can read up on that on Wikipedia.

What really captivates us, though, is how features of the Rolex watch such as the serial number, and Rolex movement, helped to pin down the exact time of death with just a small margin of error.

And that is an impressive fit for a watch.

Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner – Comparison Table Of Major Specs And Features


Seiko SKX007

Rolex Submariner

Origin of Manufacture Japan Switzerland
Movement Seiko’s 7s26 automatic movement Rolex Caliber 3130 automatic movement (for the no-date Rolex Submariner 114060)   Rolex Caliber 3135 automatic movement (for the Rolex Submariner Date 116610)
Hand-winding No Yes
Hacking No Yes
Jewels 21 31
Day/Date Complication Yes Date Complication Available Depending on the Model
Stainless Steel 316L Stainless Steel 904L Stainless Steel
Crystal Shatterproof Hardlex Mineral Scratch-resistant Sapphire
Underwater Water-Resistance 200 meters (660 feet) 300 meters (1000 feet)
Case Diameter 40 millimeter 42 millimeters
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Video: Rolex Submariner vs Seiko SKX007

This video is an in-depth comparison between Rolex Submariner and Seiko SKX007.

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Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner – Which Watch Is Better For What Situation?

Seiko SKX007

Rolex Submariner

If all you care about is a watch that keeps time accurately and can take a beating, you have no business with the Rolex Submariner. You’d spend a lot of money when you can get a close enough performance for far far less.  

The Seiko SKX007 is a real tool watch that anyone can take diving without any fears.  

Would someone who has spent thousands of dollars on a wristwatch be comfortable taking it diving or for yardwork?  

Well, maybe 1% of the world population but as for us, regular people, you’re most unlikely to. This is where the Seiko SKX007 comes in. And it does a fabulous job too.  

If you’re watch enthusiast or collector, we don’t have to tell you that the Seiko SKX007 is an iconic collector’s item.  

Literally anyone with money to spare can get a Rolex but it takes a certain level of affection for watches to get a Seiko SKX.
If you’ve got the bucks to spare and you want to splurge, then here’s the Rolex Submariner at your service.  

Most might not buy it for diving purposes. Feels almost sacrilegious considering the steep price point here.  

However, this is a watch that would immediately confer some prestige on you that only a Rolex can give.  

Finishing is almost perfect and you can immediately feel the quality that went into the making of the watch when you wear it.  

Plus, a Rolex anything is practically currency and you can use it as collateral. Also, its resale value is pretty high too.  

Altogether, we see most customers getting this watch for special occasions rather than diving.
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This brings us to the end of our comparison overview. We will now go into the full review of these two watches. If you want that, keep reading, otherwise, we have other watches already compared for you.

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Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner – Common Features

The following are the common features of Seiko SKX007 and Rolex Submariner:

1. Stainless Steel Cases

2. Automatic Movement

3. Crown

4. Stainless Steel Bracelet

5. ISO -6425-Standard-Compliant

Let us take a closer look at these common features.

1: Stainless Steel Cases

How do the cases of Seiko SKX007 compare to that of Rolex Submariner?

Both Seiko SKX007 and Rolex Submariner come with stainless steel cases. Stainless steel cases are important for ensuring that a watch lasts long. Especially with continued interaction with the elements of the weather. Let’s not forget the sweat from your skin after prolonged wearing.

However, stainless steel varies. There are various kinds of stainless steel and these variations also translate to differing levels of strength and quality.

What type of stainless steel is used on Seiko SKX007 and Rolex Submariner?

The stainless steel used on the Seiko SKX007 is the 316L, which is considered marine-grade steel. On the other hand, we have the Rolex Submariner which comes with the 904L stainless steel.

Interestingly, Rolex used to use the 316L for its watches before it changed to 904L in all its watches. And there was a reason for the change.

Though the 316L is tougher and harder than the 904L, it is not as corrosion-resistant as the 904L. The 904L, which is a slightly weaker material than the 316L, is more resistant to acids and salts.

Plus, in comparison to the 316L, the 904L stainless steel comes out better after polishing. It has a beautiful luster to it that the 316L can’t really achieve. So, even after a while, it would be easier to bring the Rolex Submariner back to mint condition simply by brushing in comparison to the SKX007.

Video: Rolex Oystersteel-What Makes it Special?

This video explains all you need to know about Rolex Oystersteel

2: Automatic Movement

The Seiko SKX007 and Rolex Submariner both use an automatic movement technology. This is totally expected from the Rolex Submariner considering just how much you’d be spending to get one. For the Seiko SKX007 though, this is a bit of a pleasant surprise at this price point.

An automatic movement is great because it means that the watch is self-winding. Unlike in ancient watches, you don’t have to keep winding the watch periodically to keep the watch working. Simply by wearing the watch and moving your arm around, your watch will wind itself.

But this does not mean that your watch won’t need manual winding once in a while. It definitely will, which is where the Seiko SKX007’s movement brings a small issue. It lacks the hand-winding feature.

In comparison, there’s the Rolex Submariner with more up-to-date calibers. By the way, there are two different calibers in the two Submariner models.

The model without the date complication – the Rolex Submariner 114060 – comes with the 3130 caliber. The one with the date complication – the Rolex Submariner 116610 – comes with the 3135 caliber.

Let’s see how all three compare – the 7s26 vs the 3130 vs the 3135 movements.

Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner – Comparision of 7s26 vs 3130 vs 3135




The 7s26 is one of Seiko’s most outdated automatic movements. So, we were not surprised when we got to the SKX007 and saw it as the movement of choice.  

For the money, an automatic movement is a godsend.  

The movement apparently serves about 40 hours of power reserve, although that’s just on paper. In real life, it’s much lower than that.  

It comes with 21 jewels for the moving parts to keep everything moving without friction.  

For a sweeping motion, the 7s26 movement beats 6 times per second which amounts to 21,600 vibrations per hour.  

The movement comes with a day/date complication. However, changeover is not snappy like on the Rolex 3135 caliber.  

Also, the 7s26 lacks hacking, so the second hand does not stop ticking when you need to set the time.  

Plus, there’s no hand-winding with the 7s26 which can be a small problem since there’ll always be times when you need to crank your watch manually to get it working good again.
The Rolex Caliber 3130 movement is a great one quite similar to the Rolex Caliber 3135 found on the Rolex Submariner 116610.  

It’s quite accurate, and according to Rolex, the caliber has a -2/+2 second accuracy daily. Users who have got this watch with this caliber have confirmed that as well. So, that’s impressive.  

Made in 2001, the Rolex Caliber 3130 is a fourth generation caliber in the Caliber 300 family of the Rolex world.  

Rolex assures that, over the years, leading up to the 3130, it has improved on about 90% of its caliber components in the Caliber 300 line.  

The 3130 features better gears as well as lubricants which improve power reservation.  

The only difference between the 3130 and its immediate predecessor – the 3135 is the lack of a date complication. Otherwise, they are practically the same.  

We believe Rolex created the “dateless” 3130 caliber to make the Rolex Submariner more easily reachable by people who can’t afford the cost of the Rolex Submariner Date with the 3135 movement.  
The caliber 3135 is quite a large one. This means there’s enough room on here to incorporate all the needed parts and components for an amazing performance.  

Like the 3130, the 3135 has a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour which beats that of the 7s26.  

Also, this caliber features 31 jewels just like the caliber 3130 and unlike the 7s26 which has only 21 jewels.  

Well, this is only expected since the 3135 and the 3130 are larger and have more moving parts.  

The caliber 3135 is the one with the date complication. However, it beats the 7s26 in that it has an instantaneous midnight changeover unlike the 7s26 which is quite sluggish.  

Although most never do, if you ever get to see your watch’s caliber, you’d be wowed by the level of precision that Rolex has put into the 3135. Everything is finished to perfection and with the best materials to ensure durability.  
Since its creation in 1988, the 3135 has continued to prove to be one of Rolex’s best movements.  

The 3135 has a power reserve of 48 hours.
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3: Crowns

What are the features of the crown on Seiko SKX007 and that of Rolex Submariner?

The crowns on Seiko SKX007 and Rolex Submariner watches are screwed down. They are both quite large, although that of the Seiko SKX007 seems larger.

Like all crowns, they come in stainless steel, same as the one used for their respective cases. Also, they have a fine-toothed edge for the necessary friction needed for an effective grip when working the crown.

But they do have a few minor differences that you can use to tell them apart. First, the position of the crown. On the Seiko SKX007, the crown is at the 4 o’clock position while on the Submariner, it is at the 3 o’clock position.

Secondly, you will notice that on the Seiko SKX007, you have the crown guards spanning the entire height of the crown on each side. However, on the Submariner, the crown guards are just at about half the height of the crown.

However, these minor differences do not affect their performances. It just adds different aesthetics altogether – none better than the other.

Using these crowns is quite intuitive as you’d find.

4: Stainless Steel Bracelet

Depending on the SKX007 you’re getting, there’s the option of getting the jubilee bracelet. If you get the Seiko SKX007K2, you’d be getting the jubilee bracelet option. Now, let’s see how both compare.

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We won’t go into detail as we have already explained the kinds of stainless steel Seiko and Rolex use before. The same applies to the bracelets.

But let’s talk about the quality of the finish of the bracelets a little bit.

What are the features of  Seiko SKX007’s bracelet?

The bracelet of Seiko SKX007 is quite lightweight and makes the watch a little easier to wear on the wrist. It’s quite comfy and it is quite easy to take out and add links. It’s also easy to swap out the bracelet which a lot of people seem to be doing.

Nonetheless, the bracelet feels a little flimsy and low quality. It also does not have a refined look. This is not surprising since it’s the 316L stainless steel that Seiko uses here.

What are the features of Rolex Submariner’s bracelet?

The bracelet on the Rolex Submariner feels a bit substantial but not heavy. It also has a more refined look and responds well to polishing. This makes it easy to bring back the shine in a Rolex bracelet back with ease.

Plus, the bracelet also comes with a diver’s extension. So, it’s easier to wear this over your wet suit.

5: ISO -6425-Standard-Compliant

How do Seiko SKX007 and Rolex Submariner compare on the ISO recommended standard?

Seiko SKX007 and Rolex Submariner watches comply with every standard as found in the ISO 6425 standard.

The SKX007 is water-resistant down to 200 meters underwater, while the Rolex Submariner does even better at 300 meters underwater.

The back of both watches are screwed down to keep the watches water resistant.

Bezels too are compliant as they are unidirectional.

Also, all hands and markings on the dial as well as on the bezel are luminescent. So, they are easy to read underwater. Of course, in keeping with ISO standards, they are visible at a distance of 25 centimeters in pitch darkness.

Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner – Unique Features

What Are the Unique Features of the Seiko SKX007 and Rolex Submariner?

The unique features of the Seiko SKX007 and Rolex Submariner are:

1. Origin of Manufacture.

2. Bezels.

3. Handset.

4. Dials.

5. Crystals.

6. Rubber Strap Option

1. Origin of Manufacture

Where is Rolex Submariner Manufactured?

The Rolex Submariner is a Swiss-made watch. This already sets it apart in a class of its own. It also makes it more expensive. Because of both quality and prestige, Swiss-made watches are known to cost more than other types. They have the reputation of being a watch for elegant and classy customers.

Where Is Seiko SKX007 Manufactured?

The origin of the manufacture of Seiko SKX007 depends on the version of the watch you are getting. There’s the J version which is made in Japan. This is associated with quality. All the best quality Seiko watches are made in Japan.

There’s also the K version. However, the exact origin of the manufacture of this version of this Seiko watches is not certain. Some say they are made in Singapore, some say Malaysia, while others say South Korea. Seiko, as a company has not released any information to clarify the origin of this version of their watches. But we would like to add that despite being shrouded in secrecy and confusion, the K version is still an original Seiko watch.

You can click here to read our comparison of the Seiko SKX007J vs SKX007K to see what we think.

2. Bezels

What are the features of the bezels on Rolex Submariner?

The bezels of the Rolex Submariner are made of ceramics. Typically, ceramics are more desirable when it comes to bezels than metal. This is because they are better-looking than metal bezels. They are also tougher and last longer than metal bezels.

On the layout of the Submariner’s bezel, the bezel has a large triangle with a lume dot which marks the time spent underwater. The markings are made of dots for every one second/minute. This dot changes into a vertical dash and an Arabic numeral alternatively after every three dots.

Also in the Rolex Submariner’s bezel, there is an arrow with the lume. However, there are no dots, all markings are vertical dashes. The vertical dashes are 4 and change into a thicker dash, or alternatively to an Arabic numeral on the 5th. The Arabic numerals count in 10’s up to 50.

The layout is clean and clear. So, the thin vertical dashes begin after the large arrow with the lume dot and end in the thick vertical dash after “10.” After then, it’s just Arabic numerals counting in tens, and the thick vertical dashes counting in fives.

What are the features of the bezels on Seiko SKX007?

The Seiko SKX007 has metal bezels (stainless steel). This is the material used for most Seiko bezels. They have a shiny look about them that is important while underwater. They are quite tough and last long too.

However, they are not as tough as the bezels made from ceramic. But the quailty of the bezel is still impresive. The bezel has a triangle with a lume dot used to mark the time spent underwater. The markings are made of dots for every one second/minute. The dot on them are quite pronounced and can be spotted easily.

How do these bezels fare functionally? Well, pretty much the same except that there’s an ever slight choppiness to the SKX007’s bezel that the Submariner lacks. So, rolling the bezel on the Submariner is a much smoother process.

3. Handsets

What are the features of the handset of Seiko SKX007?

The handset of Seiko SKX007 is bold and more in your face. The hour hand is rectangular in shape, ending in a triangle-like apex with a needle-like tip protruding out of it.

The minute hand is longer with a trapezoid base, a rectangular stem, arrowhead, and a needle-like pin protruding from the tip like on the hour hand.

Finally, the second hand is thin and bi-colored. The pointer comes in white while the counterbalance comes in black. It does look like a lollipop with the circular base.

What are the features of the handset of Rolex Submarina?

The handset of the Rolex Submariner is quite slim. The hour hand has a slim rectangular stem with an arrow-like apex. The minute hand also looks the same, only longer. Plus, it lacks the embellishment at the joining point between the stem and the apex which the hour hand has.

The second hand isn’t bi-colored. Instead, to separate the pointer from the counterbalance, Rolex added a circular block towards the tip of the second hand.

Finally, Rolex assures you that the hands of the watch are made by hand, out of 18-carat gold to avoid tarnishing.

4. Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner – Unique Features: Dials

Seiko SKX007

Rolex Submariner

The dial of the Seiko SKX007 has a greyish hue to it unlike the Rolex Submariner which has a piano black face.  

Another difference is that the Seiko SKX007 has a cleaner aesthetic than the Rolex Submariner. On the SKX007 dial, the only markings are those denoting the hour.   Circular dots for all except 12, 3, 6, and 9.  
Cylindrical markings with needle-like tips for 6 and 9.  

Day/date complication for 3.  

A large arrow (like on the bezel) with a needle-like tip for 12.  

As for text, at the 12 o’clock beneath the arrow you have the brand’s name in block letters, with the word “AUTOMATIC” just below that in somewhat greyish color.  

At 6.30 are the words “DIVER’S 200m” in burnt orange.  

This is all you find on the SKX007 dial. The markings for the seconds/minutes are on an outer ring which slides down to join the dial.  

These markings are thin vertical dashes which get thicker every 5th second/minute.
The Rolex Submariner, on the other hand, is a little busier. All markings are on the dial, although they are similar to those on the Seiko SKX007.  

The only differences in the markings are at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions.  

The arrow on 12 on the Submariner is longer and thinner, 9 and 6 are rectangular blocks unlike the cylindrical shape of the SKX007.  

Plus, 3 is either also a rectangular block or a date only complication depending on the Submariner you get.  

Now, to the text.  

At the 12 o’clock position, beneath the arrow is the Rolex’s crown logo. This is immediately followed by the name “ROLEX,” followed by the text “OYSTER PERPETUAL DATE.”  

At the 6.30 position is a lot more text in the following order (ascending): “SUBMARINER,” “1000ft = 300 m,” “SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER,” and finally just on top of the 6 marker, “OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED.”
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5. Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner – Unique Features: Crystals

Seiko SKX007

Rolex Submariner

At the price point of the SKX007, we are not surprised to see that Seiko opted to use its Hardlex mineral crystal.  

It’s less expensive than sapphire as it is less expensive to manufacture.  

The good thing about this crystal is that it is shatterproof. It actually requires a good deal of force to break this crystal. So, the durability of this glass is not in question.  

The main challenge with this crystal though is that it is so easily smudged. It is also easily scratched but not as easily as you’d think.  

Altogether, it’s not the best crystal ever. However, it’s not the worst thing ever either.
The Rolex Submariner uses a sapphire crystal, which is, of course, a pricey choice. But we expect nothing less for a watch so steeply priced.  

Sapphire crystals are generally scratch- and smudge-resistant unlike mineral crystals like Hardlex.  

Sapphire is really strong and ranks at a 9 on the Mohs scale (diamond is a 10). So, the only thing that can scratch your sapphire crystal is diamond or some walls containing silicon carbide.  

Interestingly, though, sapphire isn’t as shatter-proof as Hardlex.  

In truth, sapphire is really strong. Nonetheless, while Hardlex would crack first upon heavy impact, and shatter later if met with same amount of force again, sapphire would most likely shatter upon first impact.  

Thankfully, sapphire is so strong it takes a lot to actually break it.

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Video: Sapphire vs Mineral Glass

This video shows you how you can test to differentiate sapphire glass from mineral glass.

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Rubber Strap Option

Rolex is not known for making watches with rubber straps. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Seiko SKX007 is the only watch here with rubber strap options.

The availability of a rubber strap option further cements the fact, to us, that the SKX007 is really made for all kinds of adventures.

But then again, the stainless steel of the Submariner is specifically made to endure interactions with saltwater and acid, whereas that of the SKX007 is not that corrosion-resistant.

So, based on that, if you’re specifically getting the SKX007 for diving purposes, we’d counsel that you go for the rubber strap option – either the SKX007J1 or the SKX007K1.

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Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner – Unique Pros

What Are the Pros Unique To Seiko SKX007?

• It is far more affordable than the Rolex Submariner.
• It has day and date complication available.
• Seiko SKX007 has rubber strap option available.
• It is more of a collector’s item than the Rolex Submariner.

What Are the Pros Unique To Rolex Submariner?

• 904L stainless steel used here which is better resistant to corrosives such as acids and salt.
• 904L stainless steel is also better with polishing which gives the Submariner a more refined and polished look than the SKX007.
• Comes with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.
• The caliber 3130 and caliber 3135 are better automatic movements than the 7s26.
• The Rolex Submariner is practically currency and can serve as collateral in many situations.
• Stainless steel bracelet feels and looks better on the wrist.
• The Oyster bracelet comes with a diver’s extension.
• Rolex has a higher brand prestige than Seiko.
• Comes with ceramic bezel.

Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner – Unique Cons

What Are the Cons Unique To The Seiko SKX007?

• The 316L stainless steel used here for the case and bracelet is more prone to corrosives like salt and acid than the 904L.
• Lacks the detailed finishing that the Rolex Submariner has.
• Crystal, though okay, is mineral and can’t compare with a sapphire crystal.
• The 7s26 is an outdated movement lacking hacking and hand-winding.
• Its bezel is metallic.
• Jubilee bracelet feels and looks cheap and flimsy.

What Are the Cons Unique To The Rolex Submariner

• Really high expensive – about 40 to 50 times the cost of the Seiko SKX007.
• Depending on the model, your watch might not have a date complication. Neither has the day complication either.
• No rubber strap option (not like Rolex ever does rubber, the closest to it is the Oyster flex bracelet).

Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner – Common Pros

Seiko SKX007

Rolex Submariner

This watch complies with the ISO 6425 standards for diver’s watches. Same applies to the Rolex Submariner.
An iconic timepiece from Seiko. Also one of Rolex’s iconic timepieces.
Comes with an automatic movement, albeit an outdated one. Comes with automatic movements as well and are even better than that of the SKX007.
Comes with a screw down crown. Also features a screw down crown.

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Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner – Common Cons

These watches share no common con.

Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner – General Feeling Among Customers

Seiko SKX007

Rolex Submariner

Seiko is the watch collector’s friend. Its pieces have proved, over time, to be iconic pieces, and so it’s little wonder they are so popular in the watch community.  

It’s no different with the Seiko SKX007. Even though it’s practically going for a giveaway price, the SKX007 is still very much a collector’s item.  

But besides being an iconic piece, the SKX007 is one watch that is not afraid to do the work like many customers observed.  

The watch has proved to be a super affordable, reliable, and, durable watch.  

Many are also satisfied with the looks of the watch as well. Compliments about the Seiko SKX007 when worn are not uncommon at all.  

As to its function as a diver’s watch, the SKX007 gets huge pass marks. Reports that the watch does not fog underwater are also great to hear as it means readability at such depths is covered.  

However, as with all things, there were are few bad comments about the watch and it all seems to revolve around the strap.  

For one, the strap seems to be horrible. Yes, both the jubilee bracelet and the rubber strap.  

Many complained about the bracelet looking and feeling too cheap and flimsy. And then some others felt like the rubber strap was too tough, cheap-looking and ugly.  

But then there were those who loved the jubilee bracelet for its light weight and comfortable feel though.  

Anyway, either way, one thing was common. Many customers replaced the bands their watch came with.  

But altogether, it was a 5-star party among the customers for the SKX007. We’d say the customers were quite satisfied.
So, first of all, the Seiko SKX007 appears to be more popular than the Rolex Submariner and the reason is not far-fetched. There are literally only a handful of people who can purchase a Rolex without being held at gunpoint. Lol.  

To further prove that point, of the two Rolex Submariner models, the Rolex Submariner Date is the less popular model. Why not? It’s the more expensive one after all.  

Most people who go the Rolex Submariner had many good things to say about the watch. You could tell that they were satisfied with their purchases.  

In fact, a certain customer claims to have got this watch in 1968 (it was first made in 1953) and as at 2016, the watch was still in good shape!  

That’s nearly 50 years after! If that doesn’t spell durability and value, we don’t know what does.  

Customers who swim, shower, and do practically everything with this watch on have also given their testimonies. The watch does hold up and sits comfy on your wrist as well.  

Many believe the watch will continue to appreciate in value and that’s not hard to believe if you know anything about Rolex watches.  

From the comments of the customers who got this watch, you can easily tell that it’s hard to not love a Rolex.
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Seiko SKX007 Vs Rolex Submariner – Conclusion

Honestly, we absolutely love these two watches and it’s hard to pick one over the other. We would definitely get both if offered the opportunity because missing out on any of these two seems almost sacrilegious as a watch lover.

Normally, we would declare a winner of some sort at this point. However, that seems unfair in this match. We think both watches brought a good fight to the ring and are winners in their respective fields.

So, definitely, if you can afford it, we’d recommend you go for both watches. However, if it must be one or the other, we’d have to ask you to check your intent and make that decision yourself as choosing between these two watches is a purely subjective matter.

There’s simply no basis for a fair, objective comparison of the Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner.

This brings us to the end of today’s comparison review of the Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner. We hope you enjoyed it!

Seiko SKX007

Rolex Submariner

Click here to get the Seiko SKX007 (with rubber strap) now!  

Click here to get the Seiko SKX007 (with jubilee bracelet) now!
Click here to get the Rolex Submariner 114060 (without date complication) now!  

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Seiko SKX007 vs Rolex Submariner – FAQs

How long will a Seiko quartz watch last?

A Seiko quartz watch can last up to 50 years. There are users of the Seiko Diver of 1978 and Seiko King of 1979 with double movement that can bet that these watches can last for a lifetime. They have used these watches for more than 40 years and counting.  

The Seiko quartz watches come with a 10 years guarantee. It is expected that with good maintenance and proper usage, they can easily become historical timepieces. They can spill over into a new generation and be in proper working order. As a matter of fact, Seiko claims that Seiko 9F can last as much as 50 years without servicing.

Why are Seiko quartz watches durable?

 Some of the reasons why Seiko watches are durable include:

  1. Simple design

In comparison to their alternatives, these types of watches are designed in a simple manner. They come with just a coil that has a stepper motor which drives the hands and other features.

  1. Minimal parts

Typically, a quartz watch has below 30 parts. Compared to a normal mechanical watch, that is quite low. Normally, other mechanical watches have between 60 to 200 parts. This makes it less complicated.

  1. Very few moving parts

There are very few parts that are moving in a quartz watch. These parts make the watch to be lightweight. There is less risk of it falling and getting damaged.

How long will a Rolex Submariner last?

A Rolex Submariner, just like any other Rolex watch, can last forever. The only thing it requires from the user is proper maintenance. And by maintaining it properly, we mean the user handling it properly.

Apart from proper handling, the user must keep up with the servicing routine. To make sure that your Rolex watch is an everlasting piece, you need to take it for servicing at a Rolex authorized service center every 7 – 10 years. For a vintage piece, the servicing should be done when it stops keeping time. 

Is Rolex overrated?

Rolex is one of the foremost watch brands in the world and it is not overrated. There are various reasons why it is not overrated. First, a Rolex watch lasts forever. That means it will outlive the initial buyer and remain prestigious for generations.

Secondly, a Rolex does not lose value. In fact, the older your Rolex is, the more valuable it becomes. That means a Rolex can be resold at a higher price than its original price. In a worst-case scenario, you can easily recoup the money spent on it.

Finally, a Rolex watch can be used as a means of transaction. Because it does not depreciate, people are willing to accept it as collateral in a business transaction. 

Are Rolex watches gold?

Rolex watches are gold. Rolex, as a policy, exclusively uses 18 carat gold to make their watches. This is a princely alloy that is composed of 750‰ (thousandths) of unadulterated gold. Apart from this precious stone, they also mix it with the right portion of different elements that include copper and silver which are necessary in producing different types of 18 carat gold, namely: Everose (Rolex’s exclusive pink gold) and white and yellow gold alloy.

Other materials that are used to make the various parts of their watches include stainless steel, mother-of-pearl, and ceramics. All these are combined to produce the absolute beauty of watches that Rolex makes.

What is the best Rolex movement?

10 best Rolex movements are:

  1. Calibre 3135 – This is a genre defining automatic calibre.
  2. Calibre 3130 – This movement is a slim 3135 but does not have a date display.
  3. Calibre 3136 – This is the larger 3135.
  4. Calibre 3155 – This type is known as the ‘New Presidents’ calibre’.
  5. Calibre 3156 – This model is the enhanced version of 3155.
  6. Calibre 3085/3185/3186 – Also called ‘The Time Zone Calibre’.
  7. Calibre 4130 – The chronograph calibre from Rolex.
  8. Calibre 3131/3132 – The successor to the 3130.
  9. Calibre 2235 – This calibre is made for the ladies’ watch, from the 3135 family.
  10. Calibre 3255 – Regarded as the next gen calibre, this type has a high-power reserve.

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