Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 – Which Is The Better Buy?

So we guess you’re wondering Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 which gives the better value? Or maybe you never even heard of these two watches but got the recommendation when you started asking around for good diver wristwatches. Well, thank those who recommended these watches to you. Why? You’re going to find out in a matter of minutes.

The SKX watches made by Seiko are examples of some of the most solid pieces in the industry. It’s no wonder these two wristwatches have a huge fan base in the diving community.

Each of these watches has proved over the years to be affordable and tough. In fact, you’ll get years of use, whichever you decide to get. Well-designed and in the market for over two decades now, the SKX watches encompass everything we think diving wristwatches to be.

Nevertheless, each of these watches has its pros and cons. And one will probably be better suited to you than the other. That’s why we have prepared the Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 comparison review. This review will help to put things in perspective and decide once and for all which of these watches, the Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009, you should get.

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Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 – Comparison Overview

There’s a lot to cover in the Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 review. But before we go any further, we’ll need to point out something real quick. The Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 debate is a really difficult one to judge seeing as they are practically the same watch. The only difference really is in the color of their bezels and dials.

That said, our overall rating of these watches will be pretty close to 5 stars. Especially for the price at these watches sell, they are nearly perfect. There’s hardly anything you’d need in a diver’s watch that you do not find here. Seiko met all of ISO 6425 standards in making these watches which is great.

Hearing from customers also further confirmed what we already knew. These are watches that are definitely worth the money. There are just a few cons that are really small issues and can be easily fixed.

For instance, if you don’t like the rubber strap, you can always change to Nato. The watch, after all, is very versatile and works perfectly with just about any type of band.

So, for features, these watches are top-shelf stuff. The price/performance ratio is also through the roof. It’s hard to believe that you can get so much quality from such an inexpensive timepiece.

NB: None of these watches is supposed to be worn for scuba diving.

Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 – Comparison Of Major Specs And Features


Seiko SKX007

Seiko SKX009

Movement Seiko 7s26 Automatic Seiko 7s26 Automatic
Complications Day/Date Day/Date
Power Reserve 41 hours 41 hours
Display Type Analog Analog
Case Thickness 13 millimeters 13 millimeters
Case Diameter 42 millimeters 46 millimeters
Band Width 26 millimeters 26 millimeters
Band Length Men Men
Band Color Black Black
Clasp Buckle Buckle
Band Material Jubilee Metal / Rubber Jubilee Metal / Rubber
Case Material Stainless steel Stainless steel
Crystal Hardlex Hardlex
Water Resistance 660 Feet / 200 Meters / 20 Atmospheres 660 Feet / 200 Meters / 20 Atmospheres
Bezel 120 click One Way Rotating Elapsed Timing 120 click One Way Rotating Elapsed Timing
Bezel Material Stainless steel Stainless steel
Bezel Color Black Blue/Red (Called the Pepsi Bezel)
Dial Color Black Navy Blue
Weight 3.2 ounces 3.2 ounces
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Video: Seiko SKX007 & SKX009 Review

This video is an in-depth review of the Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 dive watches.

Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 – What Situation Is Each Watch Best For?

Seiko SKX007

Seiko SKX009

The Seiko SKX007 is many things in one watch. First off it’s a tool watch and Seiko looks like it understands what a tool watch is supposed to be because it did a fine job making this.  

First off, it’s fantastic for professional diving. In fact, it’s a professional diver’s watch and the fact that it meets the ISO 6425 standards says a lot about Seiko’s dedication to quality.  

It’s obvious that this watch is fantastic for diving (the manufacturers warn against scuba diving with it though) but it can also do so much more. The SKX007 is a rugged piece and can virtually go through anything unscathed. So, yes we’re saying you can take this along with you on any adventure you have whether in the woods, in the wild, or in the forest.  

This watch is also great for casual wearing. You know, on those days you don’t feel like bursting your Rolex watch and you just want something a little understated, this is a great go-to watch.  

Altogether, get this workhorse if you’re looking for a nice timepiece that’s not afraid to get dirty or wet but is also cool-looking enough to work on a casual day.
The Seiko KX009 has the same uses as the SKX007. So, there isn’t much to say without repeating ourselves unnecessarily.  

We will mention here though that the Pepsi bezel of the SKX009 gives it a little more flare than the SKX007. For that reason, you might want to keep it for less formal occasions. While the SKX007 can work for formal settings because of its looks which are more understated than those of the SKX009, the SKX009 might look a little too flashy in some scenes.
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Which Features Do Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 Have In Common?

Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 both share the same features save for their bezels. Here are the features they share:

1. Cases
2. Dials
3. The Crystals
4. The Crown
5. The Bezels
6. The Bands
7. The Engine
8. Water-Resistant
9. Automatic Movement

Let us now look at these features in detail.


What type of case do Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 come in?

The Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 share the same type of case. This case comes in stainless steel with the top surfaces also featuring a nice brushed effect. The side surfaces come polished as well. And to add even more beauty to the already appealing appearance of the watches, their cases’ outer profiles fit snugly with the exterior of the bezels.

In dimensions, we find that these watches are practically the same. The diameter of the entire case stands at 42 millimeters while the thickness measures at 13 millimeters.

The back of the watch also comes in stainless steel. To further improve water resistance, the case locks in a screw-down fashion which also improves the overall performance of the watch. Something else that’s really cool about the back of the case is this interesting insignia on the back of the watch that displays the Seiko tsunami wave. It’s Seiko’s super cool way of showing you that this watch is water-resistant.

Lastly, we look at the lugs of the case, they shape the overall profile of the watches nicely. With their bandwidth of 22 millimeters, they also add to the appeal of the watches.

Of course, following these dimensions, you can easily tell that these are not your super slim watches. So, if you’re in the market for watches with a slim profile, then this isn’t the one. Moreover, if you’re a diver, then you already know that diver’s wristwatches typically come a little beefy. So, these watches make a bold, sporty statement that we think is just cool for their purpose.


Understanding the true essence of a dive watch, Seiko ensured that the dials on these two watches are kept functional, executing their duties excellently.

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How do you know the dial of SKX007 and that of SKX009?

The only difference between the dials of the Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 is in their colors. The Seiko SKX007, on one hand, comes in a black dial. The Seiko SKX009, on the other hand, comes in navy blue. This is where the difference between the two dials end .

Now, let’s get to the function part of the dial.

What Does the Hour Marker Dial of the SKX007 and SKX009 Look Like?

The hour marker dial contains large white circular markers that indicate the general hours on the watches. Then there’s also the large white triangle (facing downwards) which also features a syringe protruding from the tip. This marks the 12 O’ clock hour. As for the 6 and 9 O’ clock positions, you have a capsule-shaped marker also with syringes protruding from them.

But for the 3 O’ clock, there’s neither a triangle nor a capsule. This space is, instead, occupied by the calendar. The day/date letterings on both watches are rendered in black but Seiko did something different for the weekends. You have blue for Saturday and red for Sunday.

This is us just spitballing but we’re thinking maybe Seiko chose black for the weekdays to suggest the seriousness of work. Then chose Saturday for the cool, laidback, leisurely pace we all know Saturday to take. And then red for Sunday to remind us that the beloved weekend is over and that a new week is well on its way. Who knows? We’re just saying.

Other hour markers come in just regular white vertical markers.

What Does the Minute/Second Markers Dial of the SKX007 and SKX009 Look Like?

On the outer edge of Seiko SKX007 and SKX009, there’s this stationary ring which contains tick marks. These tick marks are used to mark the seconds and minutes.

This ring attaches to the watch at a steep angle, somewhere between the glass and the dial. This arrangement gives the watches this cool deep recess effect that we found interesting. Don’t be surprised if people stop you just to compliment the looks of your watch just because of its depth.

Other Details

Alright, we’ve looked at the minute, second, and hour markers on these watches. It’s now time to check out other details the dial of these watches also features.

How is the dial of Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 designed?

The dial of Seiko SKX007 and that of SKX009 are designed in the same way. The first thing you would notice is the Seiko logo which you find right below the 12 O’ clock marker. The logo is also followed by the word “automatic” just underneath the logo.

Next, you will notice another special detailing above the 6 O’ clock marker. In orange text, you find the words “DIVER’S 200m.” This means that these watches are resistant up to 200 meters underwater.

This text comes in an orange accent. This is pretty cool as it adds that bit of flair to the watch, making it less boring and more energizing. Especially since these are all-black watches (if you’re going with the rubber strap), the touch of orange, is a nice touch.

On the SKX009 though, the orange is more subdued since the bezel on its own also has pretty bright colors.

The Hands

What are the features of the hands of Seiko SKX007 and SKX009? 

All the hands on both the SKX007 and SKX009 differ from one another, which is lovely. Just like the 12, 6, and 9 O’ clock markers, the hour hand also sports a syringe and needle style pointer. So, the hands are rectangular in shape but also feature a needle pointer as well.

The minute hand looks more like an arrow. It’s really bold and also features the same needle pointer as you find on the hour hand.

Next up, we look at the second hand. This one looks like a lollipop. It’s long and thin, but without the needle pointer that the hour and minute hand share.

The pointer side comes in white while the counterbalance side comes in black. Making the counterbalance side black not only forces you to focus on the pointer, it also gives the watch a dapper sporty look.

Finally on the hands, besides the white coloration of the hour and minute hands, these hands also contain a sliver of polished silver. This polished silver outline makes it possible for the hands to catch the light.

We love the way Seiko chose to color the second hand. Sometimes, it could be a bit difficult knowing where to focus on when reading the second hand because we are preoccupied or distracted. So, the different color stunt Seiko pulled here was a big pro for us. We don’t know if that was Seiko’s intent but it works.

The Crystals

We’re still on the Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 review and we’re looking at the features unique to both watches. This time around, we’re talking about the glass of the two watches.

You might want to set your tastes a little lower than you might have set them before but not too much though. The watches just have their expected limitations selling at this price point and all. Alright, let’s get to the point already, right?

What are the features of the crystal of Seiko SKX007 and SKX009?

Seiko uses its own Hardlex scratch-resistant synthetic mineral crystal. These watches feature a completely flat level glass which also levels with the flat surface of the bezel. Together, the glass and bezel stick out in a way that sort of reminds you of diving helmets, the old school kind though.

Lastly, you find that the glass cuts down at a certain angle just before it joins the outer edge of the bezel. This gives the watch a certain optical accent which is in between subtle and substantial. So, you’ll definitely be able to notice it easily without it getting overly overwhelming.

Now, it’s not like this crystal is totally bad. However, we have to be honest with you and let you know that this isn’t the best you’d find either.

The chief problems with the glass are that one, it smudges super easily. So, you’re going to find yourself constantly wiping the face of your watch on your shirt.

Plus, the watch also scratches if you ever try to test that. However, we would give it to the Seiko watches, they do have a pretty decent level of durability. Even with a decent level of force, the effect on the glass could still end up being unnoticeable.

The Crowns

What are the features of the crowns of Seiko SKX007 and SKX009?

In the Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 watch, you find that the crowns on both watches are found at the 4 o’clock position. This crown is quite large. It also features crown guards that stretch from one end of the crown to the other. In essence, it spans the entire height of the crown, making the crown, though large, unobtrusive.

We found the flow of the crown guards and the crown quite stylish. It fits nicely with the overall refined and polish look of the watch. This is a big surprise coming from a tool watch. Both the Seiko SKX007 and the SKX009 have shown that it doesn’t always have to be function vs style. You can have both.

Finally, it has the slight dome shape and also features fine teeth along the edges. These fine teeth are essential to help your grip on the crown while setting the time.

In fact, in our opinion, Seiko did a fantastic design job on the crown side of both watches. There’s no Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 contest here. Both win.

How Do You Use The Crowns Of The Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 to Set Your Watch?

To change the date, pull out the crown to the first click. In this position, it is not full out, it just sits in the middle. Then rotate the crown clockwise to change the date. While to change the day, rotate the crown counter-clockwise.

Changing the time is intuitive. Simply pull out the crown to the second level, so it’s full out. Then rotate as necessary to change the time.

When you’re done adjusting the crown, ensure that you push in the crown so it’s full in.

Finally, ensure that the watch is not on your wrist while making adjustments. This is to avoid damage of any kind.

Both crowns are the same so they have the same modus operandi. They are easy to pull and easy to twist as well.

The Bezels

If there was no Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 contest in the crown area, there’s one for the bezels. This is the only section (besides the dial) where there is a difference in both watches. More precisely, this difference is in the color of the bezels. Let’s take a look at both bezels.

The Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 Bezels

What are the common features of the bezel of Seiko SKX007 and SKX009?

The bezels are both stainless steel. They feature a ribbed surface that also comes polished, to bring out the beauty of the bezel. The top is flat and lies parallel to the glass. But it’s the paint of the bezel that really grabs your attention when you take a look at either watch. We discuss it further in the sub below.

The bezels of both watches feature a main arrow marker that you use to set the bezel. This marker also features at the center, a lume dot.

Also painted on the bezel of the watch are markers that measure minutes and seconds. So, for every 5 seconds/minutes, there are thin tick lines. For every 1 second/minute, there are small white dots. Then the Arabic numerals mark the minutes and seconds in tens.

The font choice of the numerals on the bezels of both watches is nothing fancy. Just something simple and classic which makes the watch easy to read. Still, this font choice does not detract from the looks of the watch which is lovely.

Now let us look at the tiny bit of difference that their bezels have, which is their colors.

The Paint Of The Bezels

What does the paint on the Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 look like?

The paint on the bezels of these watches has a metallic shimmer to it. The paint glows in the light and grabs the attention of anyone looking at it. It also adds to the sporty look and feel of the watch matching the jubilee bracelet and overall style of the watch.

So, here’s where the difference between the Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 lies. The bezel of the SKX007 sports black paint which covers the entire top surface of the bezel.

The Seiko SKX009, on the other hand, has two colors. There’s both blue and red paint on the watch. The red paint stretches from the 0- to the 20-minute range. On the other hand, the black paint extends the rest of the way, that is, from the 20-minute mark to the 60-minute mark.

NB: The blue paint of the SKX009’s bezel is not the same shade as the blue of the dial. The dial is navy blue while the bezel’s blue is a brighter and lighter shade of blue.

How Do Bezels Work?

When you go diving, it’s super important that you keep track of time for obvious reasons. This is the reason a diver’s watch is referred to as a tool watch. It helps you to keep track of how long you’ve stayed underwater. This way, you know when you should get back to the surface for some much-needed air.

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Now, how do bezels work?

When diving into the water, you’re supposed to turn the bezel until the triangular marker aligns with the minute hand. The bezel typically has markings that count minutes/seconds from 1 to 60 (depending on which hand you’re looking at). So, as the minute hand moves, it also counts the number of minutes you’ve spent underwater which you read off the bezel (not the dial).

For your own safety, bezels typically revolve in only one direction. This way, if you mistakenly hit something and the bezel shifts, which will naturally make the bezel read wrong, you’d have spent less time underwater than more. And as you know, underwater, erring on the side of less time is far safer than erring on the side of longer underwater time.

 The Bands

You get two band choices when choosing between the Seiko SKX007 and SKX009. Each of them has the jubilee metal band option and the rubber band option.

Anyway, rubber or metal, both bands are 22 millimeters. In this review, we will go briefly into each of these band types as well as give you links where you can purchase any one of your choices. This way, you’re better able to choose which of the bands works for you.

What Are the Features of the Jubilee Bracelet on SKX007 and SKX009

This jubilee bracelet option is actually made from stainless steel. It’s 22 millimeters thick and comes in a 5-link design with open end (hollow end) links. The outer links are larger, of course. They also come in a half-cylinder shape and a brushed effect that always works for most people. Cool choice for the main link.

As for the inner links, they are smaller, and also polished which gives the watches a nice flair.

Even though jubilee bracelets are known for their flashiness, the ones on these watches are not so flashy. Seiko chose a brushed effect rather than a polished effect for the large main links which reduces the flashiness of the jubilee bracelet.

The Seiko SKX007 with the jubilee bracelet and SKX009 with the jubilee bracelet are really great looks to rock, especially in the summer. The closure comes in the form of a deployment with a fold-over clasp and safety flap. You also find the Seiko name boldly emblazoned on the safety flat of the watch.

Rubber Band

The rubber band might be a more preferable option for most divers since it gives the watch a less dressy and a sportier look. Some people say it makes the watch look cheap though. We say it makes the watch look more functional.

Think of it, rubber is still your best option if you’re going diving. It doesn’t get wet and doesn’t require rigorous cleaning. Just a quick rinse and you’re good to go.

The rubber band option for the SKX007 and the SKX009 comes in black color and features a clasp as closure.


Another thing we really admired about these watches while we researched for the Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 review is the versatility you get with your band options. These watches work with whatever band type you choose. You can change out the jubilee bracelet and black rubber for nato, leather, or whatever type of material that fits your personal preference.

The Engine

How does the engine of Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 work?

In these two watches, there is the Diaflex mainspring that is unbreakable. It is designed this way to ensure that it does not give, even under excessive winding.

There’s also the Diashock shockproof feature. This feature is important to ensure that the hands of the watch are not impacted by any sudden impact intended or not.

Again, there is the magic level which allows you to wind the clock either clockwise or counterclockwise. Also, at the 21 contact points, there are 21 jewels that help to reduce the friction of the constantly moving parts. This improves durability as well as accuracy.

We find the engines of these two watches quite impressive even though they have their drawbacks. They carry out their function really well, a testimony to Seiko’s great job on the engine.

There are more pros and cons to this engine but we will go in-depth in the pros and cons section.


How dive-ready are Seiko SKX007 and SKX009? 

Both SKX watches are dive-ready with a water-resistant feature that makes the watch water-safe up to 200 meters underwater. 200 meters is the minimum certification for a dive watch and these watches meet up to that standard.

Nonetheless, you might want to keep in mind that the rating does not necessarily tell what depth you can dive to with the watch. That’s just how the test was conducted. Often times, in reality, that value is usually far less than the mentioned value.

The back of the watch with its screw-down lock is also a good sign. It further proves that this watch is dive-ready.

The bezel also shows the watches to be dive-ready. The sides are easy to grab and the numbers on the bezel as well as on the dive are easy to read as well.

In fact, they luminesce in the dark which is another necessity for any diver’s watch. As you know, the lower you get underwater, the darker it gets. If the hands don’t luminesce, it would be practically impossible to mark time underwater and this could be the thin line between dying and surviving underwater.

Automatic Movement

What type of movement do the Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 use?

Seiko uses the 7s26 automatic movement for the Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 watches. This movement is like a workhorse automatic movement. Despite how that sounds, it is quite impressive. And considering that these watches cost a few hundred dollars, having an automatic movement is a huge plus.

Besides, the watches also boast more than 40 hours of power reserve. This means that you’ll be able to keep this away for about 2 days without use. It also means that you won’t be needing a winder.

As the battery gradually winds down, the timing of the watch also gradually becomes more inaccurate.

Also, these watches do not come with hand-winding or hacking. This is quite disappointing. However, we are not surprised seeing the price point of the watch.

To better understand how automatic movements differ from regular quartz movements, check out the video below.

Video: Quartz vs Mechanical vs Automatic Movement

This video explains the difference in the movements of quartz, mechanical, and automatic movement.

Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 – Features Unique To Each Watch

This section of the Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 review is going to be a pretty short one seeing as there isn’t so much of a difference between both watches as we mentioned earlier.

Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 – Features Unique To The Seiko SKX007

Black Bezel And Dial

The Seiko SKX007 comes with both a black bezel and a black dial. We already explained the looks and functionality of both parts. So, you can refer to the bezel section of the watch to understand how it works on this watch.

Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 – Features Unique To The Seiko SKX009

Pepsi Bezel and Navy Blue Dial

The Seiko SKX009 comes with a navy blue dial and blue and red bezel. The red part of the bezel stretches from 0 to 20 minutes while the blue paint extends the rest of the way (that is, from 20 minutes to 60 minutes).

Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 – Unique Pros

Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 – Pros Unique To The Seiko SKX007

There are no pros unique to the Seiko SKX007. All pros are shared between the two watches.

Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 – Pros Unique To The Seiko SKX009

There are no unique pros to the Seiko SKX009. All pros are shared between both watches.

Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 – Unique Cons

Seiko SKX007 vs Seiko SKX009 – Cons Unique To The Seiko SKX007

There are no unique cons to the SKX009. All cons are shared between both watches.

Seiko SKX007 vs Seiko SKX009 – Cons Unique To The Seiko SKX009

There are no unique cons to the SKX009. All cons are shared between both watches.

ISO 6425 Standards for Diving Watches

Now, before we go into the common pros, now might be a good time to look through the ISO 6425 standard. This way, we see if these two watches hit the mark.

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Here are the ISO 6425 standards for diving watches

• Should have a water resistance depth minimum of 100 meters.
• There should be unidirectional markers every five minutes or less as well as a main time setting marker.
• Minute markings on the dial must be clear and distinguishable.
• Should be readable at 25 centimeters in complete darkness.
• As for magnetic resistance, the accuracy change should fall within +/- 30 seconds per day after a magnetic force field of 4800 A/m is applied.
• For shock resistance (and we’re just to quote as is) accuracy change within +/-60 seconds/days after an impact velocity of 4.43 m/s by a 3kg hammer applied to 9 O’ clock case side and to glass perpendicular to the glass surface.
• Finally, strap/band strength. The band or strap must not get damaged or disconnected by a force of 200 Newton of each band attachment in opposite directions.

Seiko SKX007 vs Seiko SKX009 – Common Pros

Seiko SKX007

Seiko SKX009

This is a pretty affordable watch selling at a couple of hundred bucks. This also applies to the SKX009.
Quite durable. The glass too, although a little prone to smudging and scratches, lasts quite well. Same also applies here.
Versatile with the bands. You change out the rubber or jubilee bracelets for nato or leather bands depending on your personal style. Also applies to this as well.
Although large, the SKX007 does not feel overtly uncomfortable or too large. It’s just okay. Also applies here.
The watch is lightweight, especially when using the rubber strap. The jubilee bracelet is also quite comfortable and doesn’t tug on your skin or body hair either. The same applies here.
Comes with date/day complication Also applies here.
Each of the 21 contacts comes with a jewel. These jewels help to improve durability and accuracy. Also applies.
For an aesthetically pleasing sweep, the second hand moves 6 times per second. So, in total, it moves about 21,600 beats per hour. Same for the SKX009
Up to 40 hours in power reserve. So, even after you take off the watch, it still continues to beat non-stop for about 49 hours. However, do note that as the battery power reduces, the watch also reduces in its accuracy. Also applies.
It’s possible to regulate your watch using the right tools or at a local watch shop. We have a video that can help you learn to regulate your watch by yourself. Check it out below this table. Same goes for the SKX009.
Lume markers make the clock easy to read in the dark which is important as the lower you go, the darker it gets under the sea.  
Bracelet comes super easy to adjust. Also applies here.
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Video: How to Regulate a Watch

This video shows you how to regulate a watch in a free and easy way.

Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 – Common Cons

Seiko SKX007

Seiko SKX009

There’s no hacking this watch. That is, when you pull out the crown to set the time, the second hand continues to move, this might be a small issue for some but a big deal for people who love precision. This also applies to the SKX009.
This watch does not come with a manual wind. So you can’t kick-start the watch or top off the charge of the watch by winding the crown to load the mainspring. The only way to charge you wristwatch is by swinging it from side to side. This won’t always be convenient. Also applies
The day/date switch over takes too, starting from 11 pm and ending at 4 am. This might not be such a big deal for some but for others who love an immediate midnight changeover, it’s a big con. Same goes for the SKX009

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Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 – General Feeling Among Users

Seiko SKX007

Seiko SKX009

The SKX007 has proved itself to be a loyal and dependable partner for many users. People love it for the fact that it works as promised. It’s waterproof at normal depths and it doesn’t fog easily too which is great for readability.  

The overall looks of the watch also appealed to most users and many admitted to getting loads of compliments on their watch. The fit also happens to work well for most users. The rubber strap though, didn’t work great for most people. It seemed to be a little too tough and there were many who changed the band out for Nato.  

However, people found this watch to be heavy-duty and truly dive ready.  

A few customers pointed out that you’d need to service the watch regularly. But this isn’t such a big deal since it’s common knowledge that automatic watches would need to be serviced occasionally.
The consensus for most users is that it is a pretty accurate watch especially for an automatic. Apparently, it is +/- 3 seconds all day from the time of purchase till a long time afterward. So, it doesn’t seem to lose so much time over the course of a long-time period like a week.  

A common problem, however, seemed to be the rubber band. It seemed to be a little too stiff for most users. Most people decided to change out the rubber straps altogether for Nato. Thankfully, the watch works well with all kinds of bands.   However, on the plus side of the looks of this watch, the bezel looks great! People were loving up on the Pepsi theme.

Apparently, Seiko got it right with its color choices for the bezel.  

Overall, this watch received a lot of 5 stars and only very few negative reviews.
Get your Seiko SKX007 (with rubber strap) here!  

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Get your Seiko SKX009 (with rubber strap) here!

Get your Seiko SKX009 (with jubilee bracelet) here!

Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 – Final Thoughts

We are very impressed by both of these watches. We think Seiko did a fantastic job keeping up with the ISO 6425 standards. These are truly dive-ready and get our highest commendations. Just ensure you take note of some of the limitations we mentioned in the review. Generally, though, any of these watches you settle for will give you thrice the value for your money spent.

PS: You might want to keep the SKX009 (with jubilee bracelet) for less formal occasions. The Pepsi bezel and stainless steel strap make it a little too much for formal wear.

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Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 – FAQs

Is Seiko SKX009 a good watch?

Seiko SKX009 is a good diver’s watch to have. When you consider all that it has to offer and at the price you can get it, Seiko SKX009 is a real gem. It has good functionalities as a tool watch. At a few hundred dollars, it is surprising to see that the watch has an automatic, battery-free movement.

Most watches within its price category do not have such a feature. Added to that is the fact that it is ISO certified. That means that SKX009 is water-resistant up to 200m (660ft) inside water. Being ISO certified also means that the case is screwed tight to secure the water-resistant feature. 

Why is Seiko SKX so popular?

Seiko SKX is popular because of the quality it has to offer at a moderate price. The SKX line is one of the most popular tool watches, not just among Seiko fans, but around the watch industry. They have a lot of series under this line and they are all selling well.

Some of the features the SKX watches have to offer that made them so popular are their practicality, reliability, value-oriented, classic, iconic, accuracy, and durability. They also come with the day and date complication which is quite easy to read and is a certified diver watch. They also look good with different types of straps. And to cap it all, the Seiko brand is a respected brand.

Is the SKX a Seiko 5?

The SKX is not a Seiko 5. Although both watches are sports watches, they are different in several aspects. When it comes to being rugged and practical, the SKX watch trumps the Seiko 5 watch. The SKX watch is water-resistant up to 200m depth. This makes it adequate for diving. But Seiko 5 is water-resistant only at a depth of 100m.

One of the reasons why Seiko 5 has a shallow water-resistant level is because its crown is not screwed down. This is unlike the SKX which has its crown screwed down. However, Seiko 5 has a better movement compared to that of SKX. It uses the 4r36 movement which is a slight upgrade to the 7S26 used in SKX.  

How much does it cost to service a Seiko dive watch?

The cost of servicing a Seiko dive watch ranges between $40 and $200. But to determine the actual cost depends on various things. One of the determining factors is the person who will be doing the servicing. It will cost you more to take it to an authorized Seiko service center than to an independent watchmaker.

Another determining factor is the type of movement your watch has. Quartz movement is cheaper to service than a mechanical movement. That is because a quartz movement has fewer parts than a mechanical movement. 

Are Seiko watches good investment?

Buying a Seiko watch cannot be regarded as a good investment. Of course, they make great watches that can hold their own among other watches. However, if you are thinking of a watch that can fetch you more money than you spent in purchasing it, a Seiko is not the answer.

Just like most watches, a Seiko loses value the moment it is bought. It has no secondhand value. The only Seiko brand that can fetch you something reasonable as a used watch is the Grand Seiko. But even at that, it may only fetch you 80 – 85% of the initial cost.

Is Seiko a luxury brand?

In Japan, Seiko is known to have a number of luxury watches. But in Europe and America, the only Seiko watch that is known as a luxury watch is the Grand Seiko. The rest of the luxury Seiko watches are not known outside Japan. These luxury watches are:

  1. The Grand Seiko
  2. The Credor brand
  3.  The Phoenix
  4. The Galante

These watches have all the elegance and beauty to match the luxury watches of Swiss and German origin. Added to this is the fact that they come at a ridiculously cheaper price compared to their European counterparts.