Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino – Extensive Comparison

We’re guessing you’re in search of an affordable watch that works excellently and lasts long. And probably the names – Seiko 5 and Orient Bambino got thrown around. So, you’re here reading our comparison of the Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino to decide for yourself which one you should get.

Well, the truth is that the Seiko 5 and the Orient Bambino get thrown around in the same sphere a lot because of how similar they are. These watches are more similar than they are different. And most times, they serve in similar situations.

Hence, in the end, choosing between these two would be an entirely subjective matter. However, we are here to give you all the information to make the better choice of watch for you, and an intelligent one at that.

If you won’t be able to stay through to the end of this review, there’s a quick overview you can scan through to make a quick decision. Although we recommend reading the review to the end, you can always go through the comparison overview for those who can’t spare the time.

Table of Contents

Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino – Comparison Overview

How does Seiko 5 compare to Orient Bambino?

When it comes to similarities, both these watches are water-resistant. Nonetheless, they are not to be submerged. They are only water-resistant up to 30 meters. So, while you’d be able to wash your hands or wear it during rainfall, these watches are definitely not for diving or snorkeling.
For their differences, there are a few.

Firstly, let’s talk about size. Both watches are male wristwatches, so they are quite large. However, the Orient Bambino wears slightly larger than the Seiko 5. If you’re getting the Orient Bambino, then make sure your wrist is at least 7 inches, or else you might not like how it wears.

Second, there is the caliber. Both use in-house calibers with automatic movement. However, that of the Bambino is slightly better since it supports hacking and hand-winding while that of the Seiko 5 does not.

Furthermore, these two watches differ a little in their crystals. Although both use mineral glass for their crystals, there is a difference in the shape. While Seiko opted for a flat surface crystal for the Seiko 5, Orient made the crystal of the Bambino to be dome-shaped.

Finally, when it comes to style and design, these watches are quite different. The Orient Bambino seems to exude a more serious, formal vibe with its leather band. So, it’s quite difficult to pull off a casual look and still sport the Bambino.
On the other hand, the Seiko 5 has many band options available, so it gives the buyer more options to decide what style they want to go with.

Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino – Our Opinion On The Price/Value Ratio

Which watch gives you more value for your money?

Orient Bambino gives more value for money compared to Seiko 5. This is because Orient Bambino has a better movement. Its movement supports hacking and hand-winding while that of the Seiko 5 does not. Hand-winding is a very important feature when it comes to watches, especially if you’re not going to be wearing them often.

This, however, is the only reason the Orient Bambino gets the crown for more value from us. Otherwise, these are pretty much the same watch. And if hand-winding does not matter to you, then you can, as well, get anyone that suits your personal tastes and preferences.

Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino – Comparative Brand Strengths

What is the Seiko Brand About?

The Seiko brand is not an unfamiliar one and has, over the years, come to be known and trusted as the go-to for classic timepieces. The brand officially began in 1881. However, it didn’t make its first watch until 1924, all the while selling watches and other kinds of jewelry.

The brand is literally a first mover in the watch industry, being the first brand to manufacture a watch in Japan as well as other technologies that are now commonly used. Some of those movements include the popular quartz movement, the quartz chronograph, as well as the automatic quartz.

In fact, Seiko watches are so reliable, they have functioned as the official timekeepers for many important, world tournaments including the Olympics.

One endearing thing about Seiko and the reason it has garnered a lot of loyalists is that it makes a wide range of watches for all kinds of people. In design, price, and technology, Seiko works to make sure there’s always an option for customers to select from.

What Is the Orient Brand About?

Orient, is not one of the most popular watch brands in the market. Nonetheless, it is a strong brand in the industry as well. The brand pushes itself to make high-quality timepieces within the easy reach of everyone who needs a good watch.

In essence, Orient describes its style as endless with particular emphasis on reliability, craftsmanship, and precision.

Furthermore, as a Japanese brand, Orient is one of the foremost brands when it comes to mechanical watch production. All its movements are manufactured in-house with an assurance of quality which it promises its customers all over the world.

With over 60 years in the business, the brand, which serves its customers under two names – Orient and Orient Star – has many watch lines to its credit. Some of them include the Orient Mon Bijou, the Orient Multi-Year Calendar, the Orient STAR GMT, the Royal Orient Retrograde, as well as the orient Star World Time.

Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino – Comparison Table Of Major Specs And Features


Seiko 5

Orient Bambino

Case Diameter 37 millimeters 40.5 millimeters
Lug Width 18 millimeters 21 millimeters
Case Thickness 10.5 millimeters 11.8 millimeters
Lug-to-Lug 42.5 millimeters 46 millimeters
Crystal Flat Hardlex Mineral Glass Domed Mineral Glass
Crown Plain Signed
Case Back Transparent Glass Stainless Steel
Luminescent Hands Yes No
Caliber Seiko’s 7s26 automatic movement Orient’s F6724 automatic movement
Power Reserve 41 hours 40 hours
Jewels 21 22
Hacking No Yes
Hand-winding No Yes
Dial Monochromatic Glossy
Hour Markings Arabic Numerals Steel Indices
Band Different options available Leather
Style Business Casual Dress Watch
Warranty 3 years 1 year
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Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino – Which Watch Is Better In What Situation?

Seiko 5

Orient Bambino

The Seiko 5 is a great watch and a fantastic value-priced watch for anyone looking for an automatic wristwatch.  

The first thing about this watch is that it doesn’t wear very large. The case diameter is just 37 millimeters. So, if you don’t have a very large wrist, or you just don’t like large watches, the Seiko 5 is the one you want to go for.  

Also, buyers who are looking for a versatile piece that can, virtually, do all things would be happy they made the purchase if they get the Seiko 5.  

The watch works fabulously as a tool watch. However, you can also work this into a really cool dress watch as well simply by changing out the band.  

Now, the Seiko 5 does not support either hand-winding or hacking. However, if you couldn’t care less, then this is the watch for you.  

It’s not the best watch Seiko has to offer, nonetheless, it delivers exceptional value with the 5 key functions Seiko built into this watch delivered impeccably.  

They are automatic winding, day/date complication, water-resistance, unbreakable mainspring (known as Diaflex), and shock-resistance (known as Diashock).   By the way, this is why it is called the Seiko 5.
For the Orient Bambino, this is the watch you want to get if you need a dress watch but you don’t want to break the bank. The price for this watch is unbelievable especially since you’re getting an automatic movement with hand-winding and hacking.  

So, if this is your very first automatic dress watch purchase, you can make it count with this excellent, affordable wristwatch.  

Besides that, this is a large watch. So, if you have a large wrist (think 7 inches, at least) or you love your watches wearing large, you won’t get it wrong with the Orient Bambino.  

Now, we aren’t exactly confident recommending this for daily wear as we are not sure of how much of a beating it can take.  

In comparison, the Seiko 5 is tough as nails and can work as a daily watch. In comparison, the Orient Bambino seems to have a number of delicate parts.  

For instance, the crystal is dome-shaped, making it more prone to scratches than the flat glass of the Seiko 5.  

Also, the watch comes with polished hardware which will, likely, get scratched easily since it’s at the bottom of your wrist.  

For these reasons, we’d say restrict these for those formal occasions when you absolutely need a dress watch.
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This brings us to the end of the comparison overview section. If you can’t spare the time, then you can stop here and get any of these watches that appeal to you. From here on, it’s a real in-depth review.

If you want to check out other comparison reviews we’ve done, we have reviews on diver’s watches and other kinds.

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Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino – Common Features

The following are the common features of Seiko 5 and Orient Bambino

1. Stainless steel case

2. Dials

3. Handsets

4. Crystals

5. Crowns

6. Automatic movement

7. Water resistance

8. Bands

Let us look into these features in detail

1: Stainless Steel Cases

Both cases of the Seiko 5 and the Orient Bambino are made from stainless steel. But that’s just about what their cases have in common. In this table, we look at how these stainless steel cases differ from each other.

Seiko 5

Orient Bambino

The case of the Seiko 5, unlike that of the Orient Bambino, is not polished. Instead, the case has a matte finish which makes the watch less prone to scratching when compared to the Orient Bambino.  

Now, to dimensions…  

The Seiko 5’s case is not large, measuring 37 millimeters. It’s also 11 millimeters thick.  
This, automatically, makes the watch a great option for those with somewhat small- to medium-sized wrists.  

While many men tend to think that masculine watches must be large, that, simply, isn’t true. In fact, it’s possible that you might begin to appreciate smaller watches more once you try them.  

That said, this isn’t a male-only wristwatch, women can enjoy it too. Especially, if you love to wear larger watches as a statement, this watch does a perfect job without being too overwhelming.
The Orient Bambino’s case, although also stainless steel like the Seiko 5, has a different finish.  

Unlike the case of the Seiko 5 which comes in matte, the case of the Bambino comes polished on the top surface and brushed on the sides. Simple and sweet.  

As for size, the Bambino wears large with a diameter of 40.5 millimeters and a thickness of 11.8 to 12.0 millimeters, depending on the version you get.  

This makes the Bambino a much larger watch than the Seiko 5, although still not too large to be a formal watch.  

The lugs of this watch are also quite reserved. They fit in with the case seamlessly with an entire lug-to-lug height of about 46.5 millimeters and a width of 21 millimeters.

2: Dials

In both the Seiko 5 and the Orient Bambino, the dials are, pretty much, kept clean. There aren’t many texts on the dials besides the markings and other usual writings. Let’s see how these dials compare.

Now, the Seiko 5 and Orient Bambino have different kinds of watches in their series. These watches have different kinds of dials and so it might be hard to give a general description of these dials. The variations in the dials of these watches is supposed to give the watches different feels for different kinds of people.

However, we will try to mention the general features you’d definitely find on the dials of watches in the Seiko 5 and Orient Bambino series.

Seiko 5

Orient Bambino

On the Seiko 5 dials, markings are quite varied. However, in most Seiko 5s, the hour is represented by Arabic numerals, other times, it might be represented by steel indices or other markings.  

As for the text, at the 12 o’clock position, we have the text “SEIKO” just below. Following this just under is the emblem of the Seiko 5 represented as “5.”  

These texts are applied on the dial so it adds a touch of elegance to the watch. Plus, when it catches the light it makes your watch even more eye-catching when you check the time.  

Moving on, at 6 o’clock, there are a few more texts. First, you have the word “AUTOMATIC,” followed by the words “21 JEWELS” just above the 6 o’clock marker.  

Of course, we can’t forget the day/date complication which is located at the 3 o’clock position.  

The background is black like the rest of the dial while the text is written in white except on Sundays when the text turns red.  

It’s also nice to see that you can set your day to read either in English or in Spanish.
As for the Orient Bambino, all watches in the series have dome-shaped dials.  

At 12 o’clock, there’s the Orient logo which is applied – really beautiful. Underneath, there’s the name of the brand – ORIENT – printed. Just below that, as well, is the word “Automatic” in beautiful cursive.  

Interestingly, from close observation, you’ll find that the Orient logo is always the same color as the hour markers in every Bambino. However, the shield ever remains red.  

At the 6 o’clock position are the words “Water Resistant” also in beautiful cursive. And then on the left and right side, you find the words “JAPAN MOVT” and the model number of the watch in question respectively.  

The last two texts are written in really tiny font, they are almost illegible if you don’t look really closely.   Just like the Seiko 5, the Orient Bambino has a day/date complication which features at the 3 o’clock position.  

Here, the background is white while the text is black regardless of the color of the dial.  

Now, one thing before we move on, there’s an Open Heart version of the Orient Bambino which does not feature a date complication.  

Instead, this version has an open window at the 9 o’clock where you can get a peek into the watch’s movement.  

We like that this window is sufficiently large to see the movement but not too much that it overwhelms the eyes.  

Besides, it adds some pizzazz to the watch.
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3: Handsets

The hands on each watch series vary from model to model. So, just as with the dials, we will just try to give a generalized overview of how the hands-on these watches work. We will also do well to mention any outstanding features of the handsets of these watches.

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What are the features of the hands of Seiko 5?

The hands in Seiko 5 all vary. Nevertheless, they are typically elegant in an elongated diamond shape that gives the watch a luxury feel. What really catches your attention, though is the second hand.

Like nearly all Seiko watches, the second hand is bicolored in a lollipop shape. There’s a circle found on the counter-balance side of the hand while the pointer has a part of it painted red. We like this choice because it makes the dial a little more interesting to look at.

What are the features of the hands of Orient Bambino?

The hands on the Orient Bambino typically match the hour markers on the dial. This gives them a modern, sleek look. Most times, these hands are baton-shaped.

In addition, all versions of the Orient Bambino, excluding the “Small Seconds” version, have their minute and second hand fitted with a bend. This bend is so the minute and second hands can follow the curve of the dome-shape glass and dial.

You might not notice straight on, but on closer observation, and at an angle, you won’t miss it. That makes the hands look more interesting.

4: Crystals

What are the features of the crystals used in Seiko 5 and Orient Bambino?

Both of these watches use a mineral glass which is expected since these are low-end watches.

Seiko uses its custom-made Hardlex mineral glass here. Although not the most elegant glass there is, this crystal is hardcore. It is quite resistant to shattering and somewhat resistant to scratches, at least, to some extent.

However, when it comes to smudging, Hardlex does not do very well. That is the major downside of this crystal. You need to wipe the face regularly to keep it clear.

Finally on the crystal of Seiko 5, there is no anti-reflective coating. However, that isn’t going to be a big problem since the dial is so close to glass anyway.

Just like in Seiko 5, the Orient Bambino has a mineral glass. However, it’s not flat like that of the Seiko 5. Instead, it is dome-shaped which isn’t easily noticeable just looking at the watch, but if you look at the watch at an angle, you’d notice it.

The good thing about this glass is that it is very clear and you can easily read your time at any angle. Although there is a slight distortion at certain angles, but it wouldn’t disturb your view.

Also, in bright light, the dome-shaped glass tends to cast a shadow on the dial in the shape of a crescent.

5: Crowns

What are the features of the crowns of Seiko 5 and Orient Bambino?

The first thing you would notice in the crowns of Seiko 5 and Orient Bambino is that they are not exactly large. This is expected with the Seiko 5 as it is not exactly a large watch. It also makes the watch look more like a dress watch than a tool watch. The Orient Bambino, though a larger watch, also has a small crown to fit the narrative of a dress watch.

Now, here’s where they begin to differ. On the Seiko 5, the crown typically stays at the 4 o’clock except in newer versions where the crown moves to the 3 o’clock position.

On the other hand, the Orient Bambino has its crown at the 3 o’clock position in all the watches in the series.

Finally, both watches’ crown do not come with a crown guard.

How do the crowns on Seiko 5 and Orient Bambino work?

On the Seiko 5, pulling the crown full out sets the time while half-out sets the day, twisting in a counter-clockwise and the date twisting clockwise.

Similarly, in the Orient Bambino, the crown also changes the time with the crown when full out and the date when half-out (rotate counterclockwise).

However, the Orient Bambino supports hand-winding. When it is fully in, you can use the crown to wind the mainspring to power the watch.

Additionally, it supports hacking. Whenever the crown is full out to set the time, all hands stop moving including second hand. This way, you can nail the accuracy of time-setting down to the second.

6: Automatic Movement

What type of movement do Seiko 5 and Orient Bambino use?

Seiko 5 and Orient Bambino use automatic movements. That of the Seiko 5 is called the 7s26 movement while that of the Orient Bambino is called the F6724 movement. Both of them are made in-house.

The only exceptions in the Bambino series are with the Small Seconds and the Open Heart. The Small Seconds uses the F6222 while the Open Heart uses the F6T22 movement.

Also, Seiko 5 and Orient Bambino movement beat at the same frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour, or 6 vibrations per second. Added to that, both movements can be regulated to improve their accuracy. Finally, they have similar level of accurace of +9.6 seconds per day for 7s26 and +9.9 seconds per day for F6724.

What differences are there between the 7s26 movement and the F6724 movement?

The 7s26 movement does not have hacking and hand-winding while the F6724 does. This is about the most significant, difference between these two automatic movements.

Furthermore, there are other minor differences in the two movements. One is the fact that the 7s26 movement has 21 jewels while the F6724 movement has 22 jewels.

In addition, the 7s26 has a 41-hour power reserve while the F6724 has a 40-hour power reserve. Plus, the 7s26 has a day/date complication while that of the Bambino only has a date complication.

But as we said, these two movements are more alike than they are different.

7: Water Resistance

Are Seiko 5 and Orient Bambino water-resistant? 

Both Seiko 5 and Orient Bambino watches are water-resistant at 30 meters or 100 feet max.  They are, however, not suitable for diving, snorkeling, or swimming. There’s no gasket or seal protecting your crown. Therefore, any heavy water pressure could seep into your watch.

Also, even though the shower isn’t “underwater,” we won’t recommend that you use these underwater because of the high-humidity and high-temperature conditions you have there. Even dive watches are not designed or tested for such conditions.

So, to be safe, you want to understand the water-resistance feature of this watch as limited to getting caught up in a downpour or washing your hands. Nothing more.

8: Bands

What types of bands do Seiko 5 and Orient Bambino come in?

When it comes to watch bands, Seiko 5 is the more versatile watch. There are various band styles and designs to pick from. It has stainless steel bracelet, rubber, and leather. All you need do is pick the style that suits you or the occasion you have planned for it.

You can, literally, dress up or dress down the watch depending on your needs.

On the other hand, the Bambino is more like a one-way traffic. Unlike the Seiko 5, the Orient Bambino comes just in a leather band. Because of this, it does not fit-in in a casual situation. It’s strictly a dress watch and its leather band suits that narrative.

Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino – Unique Features

Features Unique To The Seiko 5

Exhibition Mineral Glass For Back Of Case

This is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage to Seiko 5 but it definitely might sway some buyers this direction over the Orient Bambino. Being able to see the movement work through a transparent glass back is truly intriguing.

The Orient Bambino, on the other hand, has a more regular stainless steel back.

Luminescent Dial

Do the hands and markers of the dial on Seiko 5 illuminate in the dark?

The hands and markings on the dial of the Seiko 5 glow in the dark due to the application of LumiBrite. LumiBrite is a luminous paint created by Seiko which it uses on all its watches with luminescent hands, including its dive watches.

This paint is so powerful, it lasts ten times longer than ordinary luminous paint and also has a greater intensity. LumiBrite is also safe as it is free of radioactive materials.

The hour and minute hands have the paint applied to run along the entire length of the hands. On the second hand, however, the paint is only applied on the circular block on the counterbalance side.

And as for the markers, there’s only a dot of paint for each hour marker and that’s all.

We really love this touch as it makes it easier to check the time at night.

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Unfortunately, you’d have to really concentrate to read the time as the hour markers are not distinguishable since they are all dots.

Features Unique To The Orient Bambino

There are no features unique to the Orient Bambino.

Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino – Unique Pros

What Are The Pros Unique To The Seiko 5?

The pros unique to Seiko 5 are:

1. It is the more affordable watch of the two.

2. Complication includes a day complication as well.

3. It has luminescent dial which makes the watch to read at night.

4. It has more versatile options for the band.

5. Seiko 5 is quite suitable for smaller wrists.

6. It has Diaflex which protects the mainspring from breakage.

7. It has Diashock which protects the hands from the shock of sudden impact.

Pros Unique To The Orient Bambino

The pros unique to Orient Bambino are:

  1. The caliber supports hacking and hand-winding.
  2. Better for larger wrists.

Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino – Unique Cons

Cons Unique To The Seiko 5

Here are the cons unique to Seiko 5

  1. Not great for people with smaller wrists.
  2. Movement lacks hacking and hand-winding.

Cons Unique To The Orient Bambino

The cons unique to Orient Bambino are:

1. It’s a little more expensive than the Seiko 5.

2. It has no day complication.

3. The hands are not luminescent.

4. The style of this watch is not as versatile as that of the Seiko 5.

5. It is not great for smaller wrists

Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino – Common Pros

Seiko 5

Orient Bambino

Comes with an automatic movement. Also comes with an automatic movement.
Dials maintain a clean, sleek layout Same goes for the Orient Bambino.
Water-resistant down to 30 meters or 100 feet underwater. Also water-resistant down to 30 meters underwater.
Various models available to the buyer. Various models available as well.
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Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino – Common Cons

Seiko 5

Orient Bambino

Comes with mineral glass crystal which is expected at this price point but is still a con. Also comes with mineral glass crystal.

Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino – General Feeling Among Users

Seiko 5

Orient Bambino

The Seiko 5 got a lot of commendations from users who were impressed with their watch.  

The first best thing about this watch is its price. This is a really affordable watch as you’ve already heard us say before. So, it’s no surprise that it’s a really popular watch on different ecommerce platforms.  

The next best thing about this watch for customers is its weight. It’s a really light watch and most people seemed to like the fact that the watch wears a little small. That is, except for those with exceptionally large hands.  

The bands were also a hit for many as they also form part of the reasons the Seiko 5 is so lightweight. Plus, they make the watch comfy to wear.  

In the same breath, the canvas strap option was a hit-and-miss situation among customers, with some liking it and others feeling it made the watch look somewhat childish.  

To the timekeeping, here again, we had a divided house. This had more to do with the customer in question than the watch itself, though.  

So, you find that customers who are, naturally, finicky about the accuracy of their watches seemed to have one or two complaints with the watch losing time.  

But even they agreed that the time loss/gain was actually quite minimal. Just don’t forget to regulate your watch regularly.  

Finally, most agreed that this is a pretty rugged, versatile watch.
All customers seem to agree, that for a formal dress watch that would give you the best bang for your buck, you can’t do better than the Orient Bambino.  

Customers loved that they were able to get value for their money. They also seemed to understand and expect the fact there would be compromises to be made at this price point. So, not many people complained about the small tradeoffs here and there on the watch.  

As for the time-keeping, you can tell that most were satisfied with it. It did lose or gain some seconds as the case may be. But, altogether, the timekeeping was pretty impressive.   Of course, everyone loved that they were able to hand-wind their watch – something that was sorely missed on the Seiko 5. They also loved that they were able to hack their watches.  

But there were still a few things customers would have loved to see on this watch but didn’t find.   One is an exhibition glass on the back of the case which the Seiko 5 comes with.  

Another feature customers seemed to miss is a signed crown. Apparently, some models miss a signed crown.  

One more complaint is that the rotor is kinda loud although most say you won’t hear it except you’re really close to the watch.  

Overall, though, the watch gets great review across many ecommerce platforms and groups of customers.
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Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino – Conclusion

It’s hard to pick between these two watches. We feel the choice is more subjective than objective. They each have good value and benefits to offer its users. Plus, they are so affordable and there’s no reason you can’t even get the two of them if you can afford it.

 Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino – FAQs

How Long Does Orient Bambino Last?

The Orient Bambino watch can last for a decade without servicing. However, if you service it after 5-7 years, you will be able to use it for a bit longer. By servicing it, the watch can last up to 20 or more years. But you need to continue the servicing routine to achieve this longevity in the watch.

However, it is not economical to continue servicing your Bambino watch. A brand new one costs between $100 to $200, while the cost of serving it can be as high as $80. So, from an economical angle, it is not a wise choice. But, if you have a personal attachment to the watch, the economic situation does not come into play.

Why Is Seiko 5 So Popular?

Seiko 5 is popular because it is one of the best watches you can buy based on price per quality. The watch comes at a cheap price and has the qualities expected in high-end watches packed in it. Seiko 5 already comes from a popular Seiko line known as the SKX line of divers’ watch.

Another thing that helped to boost its popularity is the name it comes with. The ‘5’ found in the name represents the five major qualities Seiko added to the watch to make it the quality watch it is.

The 5 qualities are:

1.      Self-winding automatic movement

2.      Water-resistant

3.      Day/date complication

4.      Recessed crown

5.      Durable case 


How Can I Tell If My Orient Watch Is Real?

There are markings on the case of your Orient watch and on the dial. These markings are what tells you if your watch is original or fake. On the bottom of the dial, you will see a marking that says, “JAPAN”. And then on the back of the case, you will see another marker that says, “MADE IN JAPAN”. These markings are used for the Orient watches assembled in Japan.

However, there are those that are assembled outside Japan, but with strict compliance with the Orient quality and style. On such watches, the markings read, “JAPAN MOVT”. The markings can be found on the bottom of the dial and on the back of the case.

Does Orient Make Women Watches?

Orient makes core feminine watches that are meant to capture the desire of women. These types of watches can be noticed for their glittering, pure beauty, and elegance. They are made in various tastes that can take care of such dressing styles as corporate wear, casual wear, and sports. Examples are Orient Sun and Moon, Orient Charlene, and Orient Accent.

Besides that, they also make watches that can be described as unisex. Such watches are not so big and do have some level of glamour that can appeal to women.

Where is the model number on an Orient watch?

The model number of an Orient watch is either on the guarantee card it came with or on the tag attached to it. The number can also be found in the case code. To correctly identify the model number:

1.      Search for the 10-digit model number on the guarantee of the watch. Also, you can check the tag that is attached to the watch. The 2nd and 3rd digits of the model number indicates the caliber number your watch has. For example, if your watch’s model number reads 0230001D, the caliber number is 23.

2.      The case code is written on the back of the watch. To understand this number, the first 2 digits represent the caliber of the watch.

Are All Orient Watches Automatic?

All Orient watches are automatic, and they are produced in-house by the company. Their automatic movement is quite good and is among the best movements in the watch industry. They are well respected for their commitment and belief in the automatic movement.

Even during the seventies, when there was a kind of surge by many companies towards the quartz movement, Orient remained unmoved and stuck to the automatic movement. Although part of the company is now owned by Seiko (Seiko owns 52% share of Orient), they are still producing their own automatic movement.