How to Turn on Apple Watch Series 7: A Beginner’s Guide

Figuring out how to turn on Apple Watch Series 7 shouldn’t be a daunting task. Whether you’ve just unboxed your new gadget or you’re troubleshooting, this guide will help you power up your watch effortlessly.

how to turn on apple watch series 7

Prepare Your Apple Watch

Before you attempt to turn on your Apple Watch, ensure it has enough battery. If you’ve just received your watch, it’s likely charged enough for initial setup, but it’s best to make sure.

Apple Support

Locate the Side Button

Your Apple Watch Series 7 has a side button situated just below the Digital Crown. This is the button responsible for several actions, including powering your device on.

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Press and Hold

After you’ve located the side button, the next step is to press and hold it down. Keep holding until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen.

Release and Wait

Once the Apple logo appears, you can release the button. Your watch will take a few seconds to start up. Do not press any buttons during this time.

Initial Setup

After your watch powers on, you’ll be prompted to go through the initial setup. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair your watch with your iPhone and configure settings.

How to Turn on Apple Watch Series 7: Conclusion

Learning how to turn on Apple Watch Series 7 is straightforward when you know the steps. By following this guide, you should be well on your way to enjoying all the functionalities of your new device.

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