How to Unpair Apple Watch from Broken Phone: A Complete Guide

If you’re struggling with how to unpair Apple Watch from broken phone, you’ve come to the right place. This common problem can be frustrating, but our comprehensive guide will walk you through each step to resolve the issue calmly and efficiently.

how to unpair apple watch from broken phone

Step 1: Access Apple ID

To begin, you need to access your Apple ID through another iOS device or computer. Visit Apple ID website and log in using your credentials.

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Step 2: Find Your Apple Watch

Once logged in, navigate to the ‘Devices’ section and locate your Apple Watch. Click on the device to access more options.

Step 3: Remove the Apple Watch

Click on ‘Remove from Account’. Confirm your selection, and the Apple Watch will be unpaired from the broken phone.

How to Unpair Apple Watch from Broken Phone: Conclusion

Unpairing your Apple Watch from a broken phone is a task that can be completed with patience and following the above steps. Always remember to consult the official Apple Watch support if you encounter any difficulties.

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