How to Unpair Apple Watch and Pair to New Phone: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re wondering how to unpair Apple Watch and pair to new phone, you’re in the right place. Many users often need to transition their Apple Watch to a new device, and this guide will help you do just that.

how to unpair apple watch and pair to new phone

Why Unpair and Pair to a New Phone?

Unpairing your Apple Watch from your old iPhone ensures that your personal data is removed, and it prepares the watch for pairing with a new device. This process maintains the security and integrity of your data. Apple’s official documentation stresses the importance of a proper unpairing and pairing procedure.

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1. Open the Apple Watch App on Your iPhone

Find the Watch app on your iPhone, which is typically denoted by an image of a watch. Tap on it to open.

2. Tap on ‘My Watch’

Once inside the app, tap on the ‘My Watch’ tab located at the bottom of the screen.

3. Tap on Your Watch at the Top of the Screen

Here, you will see the name of your Apple Watch. Tap on it.

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4. Tap on the Info Button (i)

Next to the name of your Apple Watch, you will see an ‘i’ symbol in a circle. Tap on this symbol.

5. Select ‘Unpair Apple Watch’

From the options available, select ‘Unpair Apple Watch’. Confirm when prompted. This process might require entering your Apple ID password for verification.

Note: Apple will automatically create a backup of your Apple Watch before unpairing. This ensures you can restore your settings if you decide to pair it with another iPhone later.

Pairing Apple Watch to a New Phone

1. Open the Apple Watch App on Your New iPhone

On your new iPhone, find and open the Apple Watch app.

2. Start the Pairing Process

Tap on ‘Start Pairing’ and hold your Apple Watch up to the camera when prompted, aligning the watch with the yellow outlined rectangle on the phone’s screen.

3. Set Up Apple Watch

Follow the on-screen prompts. You will be given an option to restore from a backup (if available) or set up as a new Apple Watch.

4. Sync Your Data

Once paired, the Apple Watch will begin syncing data from your new iPhone. Depending on the amount of data, this can take some time. Ensure both devices remain close to each other during this process.

With these steps completed, your Apple Watch is now successfully unpaired from the old device and paired to your new iPhone. This seamless transition ensures you retain your essential data and settings.


Switching your Apple Watch to a new iPhone is a straightforward process when following these steps. Always remember to unpair the watch from the old device first to ensure data integrity and security. Happy syncing!

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