How to Turn Apple Watch Keyboard Off: The Easy Way

Struggling with typing errors on your Apple Watch? Here’s how to turn Apple Watch keyboard off and streamline your user experience. This guide will take you through every step in a clear and comprehensive manner.

how to turn apple watch keyboard off

Step 1: Open the Settings App on Your Apple Watch

Disabling your Apple Watch keyboard starts by accessing the device’s settings. On the Apple Watch’s home screen, you will see a range of icons representing different applications.

Locate the icon that looks like a gear; this is the Settings app. Tapping this icon will open the application, providing access to various customization options including how to turn Apple Watch keyboard off.

Step 2: Navigate to General Settings

Within the Settings app, you’ll find several categories. One of these is ‘General.’

This category encompasses a variety of general settings that can be adjusted to customize your Apple Watch experience. To proceed with turning off your Apple Watch keyboard, tap on the ‘General’ option to expose further settings.

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Step 3: Locate Keyboard Settings

After entering the General settings, you’ll need to locate the Keyboard settings option. This is the section where you can manage different aspects of the keyboard, including enabling or disabling it.

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Scroll down through the General settings until you find ‘Keyboard.’ Once you see it, tap on it to proceed to the next step of how to turn Apple Watch keyboard off.

Step 4: Access the Keyboard Preferences

Once you tap on ‘Keyboard,’ a new screen will appear showing various customization options. Here you will find toggles for features like Auto-Correction, Caps Lock, and others.

These settings provide different ways to customize the keyboard according to your preferences. If your goal is to turn off the keyboard, look for an option labeled ‘Enable Keyboard’ or similar.

Step 5: Disable Keyboard

Once you have located the ‘Enable Keyboard’ toggle, the final step in how to turn Apple Watch keyboard off is to toggle it off.

Simply tap on the toggle switch, and it should shift from a green or blue “on” position to a gray “off” position. With this action, the keyboard on your Apple Watch will be disabled, meaning it will no longer appear when you are in text-input scenarios.


If you have followed the steps correctly and find that your Apple Watch keyboard is still active, there might be some troubleshooting required.

The best first step is to reboot your Apple Watch. To do this, press and hold the side button until the power-off slider appears on the screen. Slide it to turn off the device, and after it’s off, press the side button again to turn it back on.

If have any problems while following the steps on how to turn Apple Watch keyboard off, contact Apple Support for help.

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How to Turn Apple Watch Keyboard Off: Conclusion

Turning off the keyboard on your Apple Watch can significantly streamline your user experience, especially if you find yourself battling typos or undesired keypresses.

By following this comprehensive guide on how to turn Apple Watch keyboard off, you can easily disable the feature in just a few simple steps.

Remember, if you encounter any issues along the way, the troubleshooting section is here to assist you. Your Apple Watch is a versatile device, and understanding its settings ensures you get the most out of it.