How to Tell What Apple Watch You Have: Simple Steps to Identify Your Model

Discovering how to tell what Apple Watch you have can be a game-changer, especially when looking for accessories or software updates. If you’ve ever felt lost when trying to identify your Apple Watch model, this guide is for you.

how to tell what apple watch you have

Step 1: Accessing the Apple Watch App on Your iPhone

To begin, pick up your iPhone that’s paired with your Apple Watch. Open the Apple Watch app.

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Step 2: Navigate to the “General” Section

Once the Apple Watch app is open, tap on the “My Watch” tab at the bottom. Then, scroll down and tap on “General”.

Step 3: Select “About”

Inside the “General” menu, find and tap on the “About” option. This section will provide details about your Apple Watch.

Step 4: Identify Your Model Name and Number

Here, you will see various information such as the Model Name and Model Number. The name will give you a direct indication of the Apple Watch version you have, e.g., “Apple Watch Series 5”.

Alternative: Check the Physical Watch for Model Number

If you don’t have your iPhone handy, you can also find the model number on the back of your Apple Watch. The engraved model number begins with an “A” followed by four digits. You can then match this number on Apple’s official website for product identification.

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How to tell what Apple Watch you have: Conclusion

With these easy steps, you can swiftly identify how to tell what Apple Watch you have. It’s always a good idea to know your model for software updates, compatibility, and more. Remember, a well-informed Apple Watch owner is always a step ahead!