How to Start Apple Watch Exercise: Easy Steps to Get Moving

Understanding how to start Apple Watch exercise is the initial step towards a proactive and healthy lifestyle. In this detailed guide, we will explain each stage thoroughly, making the setup process easy and straightforward, even for beginners.

how to start apple watch exercise

Before You Begin

Before we delve into the detailed process on how to start Apple Watch exercise routines, it is imperative to ensure that your Apple Watch is charged adequately. Moreover, ensure it is paired with your iPhone to enjoy synchronized functionalities. If necessary, download and install the Fitness app from the App Store to facilitate a smooth exercise setup.

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Step 1: Setting Up the Apple Watch

Firstly, locate your Apple Watch and power it on. Confirm that it is synchronized with your iPhone, having the latest iOS and WatchOS updates installed to enjoy a bug-free experience. You can verify the updates by navigating to “Settings” on your Apple Watch, selecting “General,” and then “Software Update”. In case you encounter difficulties, visit the official Apple support page for guided assistance.

Step 2: Opening the Fitness App

With your Apple Watch updated, navigate to the home screen by pressing the digital crown on the side of the watch. Here, find and tap on the Fitness app icon, identifiable by a series of rings, to take the first step on how to start Apple Watch exercise sessions.

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Step 3: Selecting Your Workout

Within the Fitness app, you will encounter a variety of workout options. It’s crucial to select a workout that corresponds with your physical activity. For a personalized experience, you can create a workout by tapping on the “Add Workout” option at the bottom of the list.

Step 4: Starting Your Workout

Now that you have selected the appropriate workout, tap on it to get more details. Here, you can set goals for your workout based on time, calories, or distance. Once set, tap “Start” to initiate your workout session, marking a practical start on your journey to mastering how to start Apple Watch exercise routines.

Step 5: Monitoring Your Workout

As you exercise, the Apple Watch records vital metrics such as heart rate, calories burned, and elapsed time. You can view these metrics in real-time by glancing at your watch during the workout. It is a crucial part of understanding how to start Apple Watch exercise sessions as it helps you track your progress effectively.

Step 6: Ending Your Workout

Once you complete your workout, swipe right on your Apple Watch and tap “End” to stop the workout session. The Fitness app will then provide a summary of your workout, offering an insightful overview of your performance. Understanding how to properly end the workout is a vital part of learning how to start Apple Watch exercise routines.

How to Start Apple Watch Exercise: Conclusion

By following this guided pathway, you have now acquired a fundamental understanding of how to start Apple Watch exercise routines. It is time to kickstart your fitness journey with a well-equipped knowledge base. Remember, starting slow and progressively increasing your workout intensity is key. For any further assistance, feel free to visit the official Apple Watch support page.

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