How to Restart Apple Watch 5: Quick Fixes

Encountering issues with your Apple Watch Series 5 can be frustrating. Fortunately, a simple restart is often all it takes to resolve common glitches and refresh your device’s performance. This article will teach you how to restart Apple Watch 5 with ease.

How to Restart Apple Watch 5

Step 1: Prepare Your Apple Watch

Before you begin the process of restarting your Apple Watch Series 5, make sure the watch is not on its charging dock or connected to the magnetic charger. If it is charging, remove it gently from the power source. Check that you can see the watch face, which confirms the screen is responsive. If the watch face is not visible because the screen is black or the watch is unresponsive, you may need to try a force restart. However, it’s important to only use the force restart as a last resort, as it could potentially cause data loss if used while the watch is updating or processing tasks.

Step 2: Turn Off Your Apple Watch

To turn off your Apple Watch Series 5, press and hold the side button. This is not the Digital Crown, but the other button located on the side of the watch. Hold the button until you see two sliding buttons appear on the screen.

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One will be for the Medical ID, and the other will be the Power Off slider. During this step, it’s crucial not to rush; press the button firmly and give your device a moment to respond. If the sliders do not appear, ensure that you’re not pressing the Digital Crown simultaneously and that your watch’s battery isn’t depleted.

Step 3: Power Off Slider

When the Power Off slider appears, you will drag it from left to right. This action signals to your watch that you wish to turn it off. Place your finger on the slider, then swipe it to the right. The screen should then dim and eventually turn completely black. This indicates that your Apple Watch is shutting down. If the slider is not responding, make sure your finger is dry and clean, as moisture or dirt could interfere with the touchscreen’s sensitivity. Allow up to several seconds for your Apple Watch to fully power down; you’ll know it’s off when the screen goes completely black and the device stops all activity.

Step 4: Turn On Your Apple Watch

Once your Apple Watch is off, wait about 30 seconds to ensure that it has fully shut down. Then, press and hold the side button once again to turn your watch back on.

This time, release the button as soon as the Apple logo appears on the screen. Your Apple Watch will then go through its start-up routine. Note that this may take a little longer than a normal wake from sleep, as the device is booting up the operating system afresh. If the Apple logo does not appear within a minute, try holding the side button down again, ensuring that your watch has enough battery charge to turn on.

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How to Force Restart Your Apple Watch

Occasionally, your Apple Watch may become unresponsive. When the standard restart procedure does not work, a force restart is the next step. This method is more intrusive than a normal restart and should be used sparingly, as it may lead to unsaved data loss.

A force restart is not a factory reset; it does not erase any of your data or settings. Think of it as a hard reboot to refresh the system when it is locked up. Avoid performing a force restart while your Apple Watch is in the middle of an OS update.

Force Restart Step 1: Press Buttons

If your watch screen is frozen or unresponsive, you can initiate a force restart by pressing and holding both the side button and the Digital Crown simultaneously. The side button is located below the Digital Crown on the side of your Apple Watch. Firmly press both buttons for at least 10 seconds.

It’s important to do this step accurately because if you press the buttons sequentially or not long enough, the force restart will not initiate. This step can be crucial if your watch is not responding to touch or button inputs, as it can interrupt software crashes and reboot the system.

Force Restart Step 2: Release on Apple Logo

As you hold down the buttons, watch the screen closely for the Apple logo. Once the logo appears, immediately release both the side button and the Digital Crown. This action signals that the force restart has been initiated. If you continue to hold the buttons past the appearance of the Apple logo, you might trigger the watch to enter Emergency SOS mode, which you want to avoid unless you’re in an actual emergency.

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After releasing the buttons, your watch will go through its startup routine. Be patient, as this may take a bit longer than a normal restart. If the Apple logo does not appear, or the watch remains unresponsive after several tries, contact Apple Support for further assistance.

Conclusion: How to Restart Apple Watch 5

Restarting your Apple Watch Series 5 can solve many common issues. If you find that your problems persist after a restart, consider reaching out to Apple Support for further assistance.