How to Change Apple Watch Face: The Ultimate Guide

Discovering how to change Apple Watch face is an excellent way to personalize your smartwatch experience. Whether you’re new to Apple Watch or just looking to spruce up your display, this guide will take you through the process step by step. Let’s start by ensuring you have the necessary requirements.

how to change apple watch face


You need an Apple Watch running WatchOS 3 or later and an iPhone running iOS 10 or later. The Apple Watch should be paired with your iPhone. Apple Support provides clear instructions on pairing your devices.

Step 1: Wake up Your Apple Watch

To change the face of your Apple Watch, start by waking it up. You can do this by lifting your wrist or by pressing the digital crown, which is the dial on the side of the Apple Watch.

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Step 2: Access Watch Face Gallery

Next, press firmly on your current watch face to enter the watch face gallery. Here, you will see a selection of different faces to choose from. According to Apple’s official website, there are several watch face options, including Infograph, Modular, Chronograph, and more.

Step 3: Select Your New Watch Face

Scroll left or right to browse the available watch faces. Once you’ve found one that you like, tap on it. Some watch faces have multiple versions, which you can access by scrolling up or down.

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Step 4: Customize the Watch Face

After selecting a watch face, you can customize it to suit your preferences. Tap on “Customize” and use the digital crown to change the color and style of the watch face. As per the Apple Watch User Guide, some faces also allow you to add complications — small widgets that show useful information, like the weather or your activity rings.

Step 5: Set Your New Watch Face

Once you’re satisfied with your customizations, press the digital crown to exit the customization mode. Then, swipe left or right to see a preview of your new watch face. If you’re happy with how it looks, tap on it to set it as your new watch face.

Knowing how to change Apple Watch face opens up a world of personalization opportunities for your smartwatch. Have fun experimenting with different styles and customizations, and remember that you can always switch back to your old watch face if you want to.