For thousands of years, man has tried to cross limits, brake boundaries and overcome one self. Inspired by the passion for constant improvement, innovation, quality , trustworthy services and focusing on your desires, we have created THETA.

Our watches fulfil all high quality standards, as any respectful product and company should. Our main priority is the construction of a limited series of watches, which will have certain characteristics such as: limited edition, potentiality to engrave your own name e.t.c. All these features will be accessible and easily combined through our website soon.

The first watch we designed and developed, is the new THETA ICARUS.

Inspired and named after a well known Greek Mythological Legend, who sacrificed his own life to fly to an outmost altitude.

The beating heart of ICARUS will be an Original Swiss made ETA movement, tested under hard controls, offering high quality, accuracy, time endurance and 40 hours power reserve.
The materials and parts chosen for THETA creations (easily adjustable crown , illuminated hands, anti allergic stripes…) are user friendly and completely operating.
The Swiss heart and rest of ICARUS’ body will take life in your hands, by your movement and passion for improvement, by your need for new achievements.
You will be able to place your order very soon, fast, easily and safely through our e-shop.

A non traditional method which ensures considerable benefits for you.

Furthermore, it will gives you the ability to have direct communication on any matter or need concerning your THETA.Stay tuned, very soon we will be ready. Leave your email and we will contact you with Newsletter when we are online.

The Theta Watches Team